The 18th Subway Riding Event Without Pants Was Held

18 of the trouser-free event
18 of the trouser-free event

18 was held this year for the 'No Pants Subway Ride' event despite the icy weather in New York, Germany, Berlin, London, England and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The event, which has spread to dozens of cities around the world, attracted great interest this year.

The 'Improve Everywhere' group started to be organized by the world and spread rapidly in the various cities in the city carried out in the subway pants without any activity, this year has attracted great interest.

Participants began to take off their trousers in the confused glances of citizens who knew nothing about it. In the past years semi-naked people were taken into custody, but this year's event ended without incident.

In 2002, the event, initiated by the group called Improv Comedy, aims to tarafından celebrate morality X.

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