The Cause of the YHT Accident! "Guide Train Headed Wrong Line"

The reason for the YHT crash is the guided train wrong or even directed
The reason for the YHT crash is the guided train wrong or even directed

BTS General Secretary Eroğlu made a striking determination in his statement to BirGün. "Signaling is not completed, communication is over the phone," said Eroğlu.

It was claimed that the Ankara-Konya high speed train was directed to the wrong line to the train disaster in Ankara.

United Transport Employees Union (BTS) Secretary General Ahmet Eroğlu, in a statement to BirGün, claimed that according to the information they received, the train was brought into the wrong line, which occurred on the Ankara-Konya line and caused 9 people to be injured, causing at least 47 people to die.

Eroglu, the beginning of the train's control of the train on the way to the second train turns to the head of the train is headed to the collision occurred, he said.

Eroglu, indicating that the line was opened before the signaling program was completed, said:

“Since the signaling line has not been completed, a system in which the traffic is managed from the center is in operation. This is the case for both commuter trains and high-speed trains. From the beginning, there were warnings in different reports that this would cause a disaster. As in other accidents, this disaster will fall on only two personnel and the institution will want to cover its faults. This will be costed to the person who controls the traffic and the switchman. kazanThe reason is the institution.

Communication is established over the phone in the system where traffic is managed centrally. Scissors are being rotated. Since the signaling system is completed on the basis of the project, it is communicated over the phone to communicate on the railways. If there was a signaling system, this accident would not have happened, and the trains would have been alerted without seeing each other. ”


The guide train is defined as an additional safety measure and as a non-passenger on the line before starting its first commercial voyage. Guide the condition of the rails with the train and check if there is anything on the road. The suburban train is the services provided by public legal entities and companies that provide passenger transportation in the city center and urban areas connected to the national railway and infrastructure network.

The guide train consists of a single locomotive and does not have wagons. It allows you to control whether to start or not. The suburban train is the train that provides city and city transportation and has passengers and wagons.

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