YHT Accident Released Three Persons Detained

the testimony of the end of the accident was revealed
the testimony of the end of the accident was revealed

📩 16/12/2018 13:59

TCDD employees who were detained in connection with the train disaster in which 9 people died in Ankara emerged in safety statements. In the statement of the scissors, it was suggested that he said 'I don't remember whether I shifted the first mistake' or not.

CumhuriyetAccording to the report of Alican Uludağ, the train officer (scissorist) OY said in his statement in the police: “The YHT train had to go from the first line within the scope of the circular. But I do not remember whether I shifted the scissors first error. But even if I shifted the scissors and did not change the line to line 1, the trainers of the 6.30 train also have an error. As soon as they saw that the train entered the second line, they had to stop the train and notify the authorities immediately. ”

The investigation is being carried out by three prosecutors under the coordination of Hamza Yokuş, Deputy Chief Prosecutor of Ankara. The investigation of the prosecution at the scene lasted throughout the day yesterday. After the accident, the inspector EEE, who was found to have flaws, the train-forming officer OY and the train transport officer SY, were taken into custody. The statements of the three personnel were taken at the Ankara Security Directorate.

According to the information received, three officers were asked about their duties and information about the accident during the incident. The three suspects stated in 2018's statement as of the beginning of the year that the passenger train 1. From the line, the train from 2. they stressed that it should come from the line.

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