Governor Ayhan: "We Want to Mobilize the Potentials in Sivas"

we want to mobilize the potentials of the governor ayhan
we want to mobilize the potentials of the governor ayhan

The moderator meeting of the Sivas Workshop, which will be held on December 26, 2018 with the slogan 'To the Tomorrow with a Common Mind' under the leadership of the Governor of Sivas, was held at Cumhuriyet University.

Speaking at the meeting, Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan said, “I believe that our academics will open a scientific and academic window to this workshop. Since Atatürk wanted to travel all over the country with a national congress in this city during the period of national struggle, it is because he saw a potential in this city's people. We care about this workshop as we believe there is a power in this city. I believe that you will contribute to us with your knowledge and knowledge. ” said.

Governor Ayhan said, Val We want to activate the potentials in Sivas and create a perception. I believe that we will draw a road map by identifying the problems of Sivas. In the past, various meetings were held from time to time and problems and demands were discussed. We need to find common phrases for the city to reach its goal. Here, our university needs to produce universal knowledge. Especially, it is very important to put forward a clear understanding of will. We will be part of an element that is not afraid of innovation and keeps up with the changing world. Sivas benefits from all kinds of services with its east-west and north-south axis. When the logistics center, rail systems, high-speed train and other services are put on top of each other, a beautiful image appears in our city. Ray

Stating that good projects and ideas will surely be rewarded, Ayhan said, “Unplanned life is a dry wish. If we are directed from the outside, if good ideas are shared, horizons will be opened. We need to keep the dynamics of the field well. Our goal is to get to know the city in every aspect, to find solutions to its problems and to transfer a good city to the future ”.

Ayhan, who wants public institutions not to have different thoughts, said, “The common goal of our institutions is to protect the rights and interests of our citizens living on an area of ​​28 thousand kilometers. Our administration has a dynamic structure in our city, I think we can take this burden together. ”

At the end of the meeting, participants presented their ideas and suggestions on what to do about the workshop process.



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