Last year 63 Realized Fatal Train Crash in Turkey

turkiyede in recent years 63 gerceklesmesi positive train accidents
turkiyede in recent years 63 gerceklesmesi positive train accidents

The train accident in Turkey occurred in the last 63 years, many people lost their lives or were injured. The negligence that came to the agenda after the accidents was covered.

Since 1945 train accident in Turkey occurred in a large number of people lost their lives or were injured. After the accidents, negligence, negligence or privatization practices on the railroads came to the agenda and investigations were launched.


7 October 1945 - 40 was killed and 40 was injured when two passenger trains collided in Erzincan.

9 October 1948 - 38 was killed and 103 was injured as a result of the derailment of a passenger train in Ankara.

17 May 1952 - In Niğde Ulukışla, passenger train was derailed 31 people were killed and 15 was injured.

20 October 1957 - Two passenger train collided in Istanbul Halfburgaz, 95 killed and 150 injured.

30 APRIL 1961 - Istanbul, Kartal, Cevizli15 killed two people, 70 people were injured.

31 October 1972 - A passenger train from Konya to Istanbul hit a freight train in Eskisehir. 38 passengers were killed in the accident, 45 heavy 90 injured people.

5 January 1979 - Anatolian Express hit the Bosphorus Express in Ankara Esenkent (Sincan), 20 people were killed and 136 injured.

9 January 1979 - Two commuter trains collided in Behiçbey district of Ankara; 32 dead, 81 injured.

3 May 1980 - 2 passenger train collided in Izmit; 17 dead, 25 injured.

7 June 1980 - In Kayseri, 25 died as a result of the collision of Van Gölu Express with a freight train.

4 March 1990 - Two passenger trains collided in Polatli: 2 dead, 49 injured

1992 - The train fell into the river due to the dismantling of the rails in Muş: 5 dead, 41 injured

1995 - Ulukışla hit the rail bus freight wagons: 3 dead, 30 injured

1998 - Capital Express derailed in Eskişehir: 2 dead, 18 injured

2002 - Passenger train derailed in Temelli: 1 dead, 8 injured


22 July 2004 - The government's accelerated train project led to disaster. Istanbul-Ankara campaign Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoglu Express, Sakarya Pamukova accident near Mekece. 41 dead, 89 injured.

11 August 2004 - Two passenger trains collided in Tavşancıl: 8 dead, 88 injured

6 July 2015 - 2 freight train crashed near Kangal district of Sivas and 1 mechanic died and 1 mechanic was injured.

6 May 2017 - Ankara-Kırıkkale line of the train car was overturned. One of the workers who died under the car was killed, and the 3 worker was injured.

4 August 2017 - Freight train overturned in Elazig: 2 mechanic lost his life


8 July 2018 - The passenger train was overthrown near the Çorlu district of Tekirdağ. 25 lost his life.

13 December 2018 - Ankara-Konya high-speed train, the train train crashed, 9 people died and 47 people were injured.

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  1. They hide the real causes of train accidents or pass them on the pretext of a technical malfunction.Most of the causes of the accident are human error. Not only the driver but the manufacturer who inspected it. Since the technicians controlling their work are experts in their work, accidents with minimum level of accidents also occur due to other reasons. If an accident occurs again due to the same reason, the responsible is the management.