Attempting to Do the Tasks of 142 Machinists with 7 Machinists at İZBAN Great Risk

142 mechanic with 7 mechanic
142 mechanic with 7 mechanic

In İZBAN, where 142 machinists normally work, it is a great risk to continue the campaigns by running 7 machinists for 11-12 hours a day to break the strike.

The strike in İZBAN, one of the country's airport-connected, one of the largest urban rail public transport systems serving on the suburban line between Aliağa and Selçuk, is on its 10th day. In the İZBAN, a joint organization of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, the blockage of the fourth term collective agreement negotiations between bureaucrats and the Railway Trade Union continues on 10 December. 343 workers in İZBAN who work as machinists, technicians, technicians, station operators and box office workers are on strike.

On the other hand, the İZBAN administration's subcontracting move is still in effect to neutralize the strike. Between Çiğli Station and Menderes Airport Station, 06.00 and 11.00 and 16.00-22.00 are operated by 7 subcontractor at half-hour intervals. Approximately 24 thousand people move a day with the 269 trip before the strike, and now the average 300 is moving around a thousand people.


Even if the machinists' daily working time is at intervals, it takes 12 hours a day with the process of preparing and leaving the train in total. Rest times are shortened with the arrival and departure. The mechanists who could not go home during the day try to rest at the stations. Subcontractor mechanists who retired from TCDD and who are in the trainings of İZBAN almost work as two as a machinist in İZBAN. İZBAN uses the route used by intercity trains during the day. (Source : Evransel)


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