The names of the machine engineers died in the train accident

trawler in the train accident hulusi boler
trawler in the train accident hulusi boler

Hulusi Böler (06.36) from Tokat, one of the three mechanics who died in the high-speed train accident that took place at 3 this morning in Ankara, will be buried in his hometown Üzümören tomorrow.

At 06.30, the high-speed train, which moved from Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station in Anıttepe to Konya with 206 passengers, collided with the guide train at the entrance of Marşandiz Station at 06.36. With the effect of the accident, 2 wagons of the high-speed train and the guide train were scrapped. The overpass at Marşandiz Station also crashed on the train of the high-speed train due to the impact of the crash. The damaged train was turned upside down and derailed around 30 meters. In the accident, 3 people, 6 of whom were machinists and 9 of them were passengers, died and 86 were injured.

The names of the mechanic who died in the accident also became clear. High Speed ​​Train Engineers Adem Yaşar and Hulusi Böler and guide train engineer Kadir Ünal lost their lives in the accident. Ankara University, Faculty of Science, Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences. Berahitdin Albayrak was learned.

It was learned that Hulusi Böler was one of the machinists who died in the accident. The news of the death of Böler reached his relatives living in the Üzümören town of the city center. It has been learned that Böler, who has been working as a machinist at TCDD for 11 years, has two children. The funeral of Böler will be buried in a ceremony to be held in Üzümören town tomorrow.

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