in Ankara KazanLine is Closed to High Speed ​​​​Train Services

in ankara kazanThe line is closed to high-speed train services.
in ankara kazanThe line is closed to high-speed train services.

After the high-speed train accident in Ankara in which 9 people died and 86 people were injured, TCDD management, kazanIt has decided to close the line between the Marşandiz station, where the earthquake took place, and the Ankara central station, to high-speed train services. According to the new regulation, high-speed train services will be made from the Eryaman YHT Station, the previous station from Marşandiz station, instead of Ulus YHT Station for one month.

HürriyetAccording to the news of Eray Görgülü from Turkey, TCDD General Directorate has decided that all high-speed train services coming to Ankara will be made from Eryaman YHT Station as of January 2. According to the new regulation, Istanbul, Eskişehir and Konya high-speed train services will be made from this station until February 1. The new regulation began to be shared with passengers on information screens on high-speed trains. After the high-speed train disaster in Ankara on 13 December, it was revealed that Başkentray's signaling system was working before it was completed, kazanAfter that, the services were restarted by reducing the speed of the trains.


United Transport Workers Union President Hasan Bektaş, evaluating the new regulation of TCDD as a positive step, said:

"KazanAfter that, they reduced the speed of the trains to Eryaman and Sincan. This caused delays in flights. We think that the new regulation was made to prevent these delays. However, they may also be considering completing the signaling work. If the signaling work is going to be done, Başkentray services should also be stopped. This line must be operated safely as soon as possible. It is a positive step at this point, but who will be held accountable for the pain experienced in this disaster that resulted from negligence.” (Source: Hürriyet)







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