Transport Officer-Sen with TCDD, 2018 Year held the second meeting

tcdd 2018 second administrative board meeting was held
tcdd 2018 second administrative board meeting was held

The second institution administrative board meeting of 2018 was held between the Transportation Officer-Sen and TCDD General Directorate. Mayor Can Cankesen, Vice President Kenan Caliskan, Mehmet Yildirim and General Directorate of Turkish State Railways attended the meeting. The meeting was discussed with 9.


1- Examination for promotion and change of title kazanAccelerating the continuation of the process of appointing substitutes for those who have not settled in the IP.

2- Providing security personnel to prevent possible security weaknesses under the staff determined under the designated squad, and appointing them as civil servants at the request of security officers who exceed the age of 45.

3- A wide range of electronic transport is opened by taking into account personnel transfer requests throughout the organization, and personnel recruitment and closure of the active personnel gap.

4- Reduction of allocated accommodation quota in the allocation of the lodging, increasing the quota allocated places, delivering the maintenances to the personnel in the form of maintenance, testing the earthquake durability and evaluating the problematic lodgings for the necessary operations and presenting the service buildings that are empty on the Küçükçekmece side of İstanbul to the use of the staff as a social facility.

5- Reduction of the number of titles by making the title combinations without leading to personnel grievances.

6- Change of title as Security Chief of Protection Group Chiefs.

7- The appointment of the Traffic Controllers as the Gar Chief of the group due to their health problems.

8- 2. Improving food quality and taste in order to eliminate complaints about the quality of the meal given in the personnel cafeteria of the Regional Directorate.

9- TCDD Officers to be made to the Wearable Help Directive and Occupational Health and Safety within the scope of personal protective equipment to ensure the distribution of personnel in the workplace.

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