There Was A Train Disaster If There Were No Signaling Systems

there was a train disaster without the signaling system
there was a train disaster without the signaling system

Head-to-head collision of the train train with Ankara-Eskişehir line was prevented at the last moment with the activation of the signaling system

Ankara-Eskişehir between high-speed trains 18 December Tuesday, the Ankara-Konya line of life at the last minute of the disaster survived the emergence. The head train collision of the train and the train was prevented by the signaling system.

According to information obtained, the 4 YHT, 2'in conventional trains used in the 6 line in Eskişehir route control trainer train on the fourth line, although accidentally the center "Fifth line," he conveyed the information. In spite of the Center's persistent questions, the mechanic of the guide train claimed to be on the conventional train line. The center opened the fourth line for the guide to go to the warehouse, while the high speed train from Ankara to Eskişehir entered the fifth line. In the meantime, the warning system of the line of warning signal to the head-on collision at the last moment prevented. Thus, after the tragedy that happened in Marşandiz Station and the death of the 9 citizen, the signaling that the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mehmet Cahit Turhan said, yurt It is not a sine qua non for the railway management and, prevented a new disaster.

After returning from the threshold in Eskişehir, Birkün provides information to the ferryman, hundreds of citizens traveling on the railway traffic control of the signaling should be done very carefully, it is a job that does not remove defects, he said. Due to the lack of personnel in the institution and the intensive work of the uninterrupted work of the railway stating that continued, cular Due to the staff of the staff due to loyal staff is burdened with the burden of others. After each accident, several officials are sacrificed and the organization loses its responsibility. The responsibility falls on the personnel who are working with an intense tempo and therefore become inevitable to make mistakes. Neden (Burcu CANSU-BirGün)


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