Education from the Park to Students First at School, Then on the Bus

After graduating from school, students at 2
After graduating from school, students at 2

TransportationPark, in addition to the success achieved in the field of transportation, also manages to be heard in education. 'We learn the rules of public transportation ler started in December 2017. The visits to the primary and secondary schools are close to the Akçaray line.

TransportationPark initiated by the '' learning the rules of public transport '' project within the scope of the school visits continues. Within the scope of the project, primary and secondary school students are given training sessions. TransportationPark, which makes various activities in schools, tried to create awareness by bringing bus in front of 30 August Primary and Secondary School. In the first stage of the lecture, students were educated in the conference hall on the video-supported bus and tram. After the training given in the conference hall, badges and books were distributed to the children.

After the end of the training in the hall, the children were taken on the bus together with their books. Transportation on Bus The deputy instructor and teachers took part in the train. The bus was put on the bus and the rules to be followed within the bus were explained. In addition, children were given awareness of the priority that should be given to the elderly, pregnant and disabled passengers and the seats that these passengers should be accommodated. The excitement of the children in the bus was worth seeing.

We are learning the rules of public transport. Beginning with the primary and secondary schools in Akçaray near the tram line, Transportation Park plans to provide training to all primary and secondary schools in Kocaeli. 1 1 visited 20 school over the years.

TransportationPark, which operates 12 tram and 336 buses throughout Kocaeli, provides işlet public transportation rules X training to the children who are shown as the guarantee of the future. Children are told the rules of public transportation that must be followed in both the bus and the tram. In the content of the training; courtesy rules, Kocaeli Card, hygiene, KOBIS, tram and bus rules that should be followed while traveling is described. At the end of the training, children are shown the accident videos and the education ends.

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