President Şahin: 2019 Year Will Be A Year When Projects We Promise

president xinx yin will be a year in which our projects will come to life
president xinx yin will be a year in which our projects will come to life

📩 30/12/2018 12:56

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin stated that they have implemented many projects which have longed for years in Gazi city and they will offer many services in 2019.

Sahin, who published a new year message, wished that the year of 2019 was a year full of hope and happiness, where tears, tears, and peace and brotherhood prevailed all over the world.

President Şahin, who evaluated the 2018 year, said, yıl I think the year of 2018 is positive for us in many ways. In recent years, we have taken the excitement and excitement of taking our province even further. Our services and investments in the way of achieving the national goals of our city and being a modern and livable city will continue as it is today. Believing in our power, without pessimism, we will progress tirelessly on the path of integration with the contemporary world, and we will carry our city of Gazi to every place we deserve. Thank God we have implemented many successful projects that have longed for years, and many of them will be put into service in 2019. Öz

Stating that the fact that the fruits of many important steps will be gathered in 2019 in the city indicates that this year will also be productive, Şahin continued: We started many studies on their needs and needs. Urban transformation areas, parks, squares, car parks, museums, bridge crossings, public gardens, sports centers and social facilities that changed the face of our city started to serve our valuable citizens. Our giant projects worthy of the power and potential of our city; With the Düzbağ project, we solved the water need of our Gazi city until 2018. Our 2070-kilometer 200-station Gaziray project, which will carry 25 thousand passengers daily, is about to be completed. We started the construction of our Metro project on the Gar-Düztepe – City Hospital line. Metro is coming to Gaziantep. In the 16-house Kuzeyşehir and Viaduct Project; 50 thousand residences, 3 shops, 17 mosques, 2 trade centers were completed. As of 4, 2019 thousand houses will be completed, I hope. We realized the 10-meter-wide 60-kilometer-long viaduct project in Kuzeyşehir for easy and fast transportation. We see change, transformation and innovation as one of the most important elements of our ability to secure our independence and future. Therefore, as always, we are determined to continue with our new projects focused on citizen-oriented, efficiency-based, social municipality-oriented, sustainable content next year. Undoubtedly, all of us have important responsibilities for our future to be as we hoped. As people who share the same city, I think that our most important responsibility is 'being helpful, understanding and tolerant towards each other'. Those who are encouraged to disrupt our unity, resilience, togetherness and brotherhood, such as terrorist incidents and the July 9 treacherous coup attempts, will surely find the necessary response. I wish a 15 year in which our brotherhood feelings are reinforced and our people look at each other with love. Understanding of democracy and freedom, development and prosperity password later called the 2019 targets impossible to Gaziantep ready for a possible 2023 targets in Turkey, we will not step back from our true never imagined doing those efforts. We will work day and night with this determination and determination. I wish my Lord to open new opportunity doors in the elimination of troubles, difficulties and animosities in 2023, and in this work we do encourage our people to cause peace and happiness. With these feelings and thoughts, I wish that 2019 will bring peace, brotherhood, peace, blessings, happiness to our city, our country and all humanity, and create a new beginning to solve the common problems of humanity. ”

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