New Target in Bursa High Speed ​​Line Test Drive in 2021

new destination 2021 test test
new destination 2021 test test

Initially, the 2019 had a test drive target for the high-speed train. Then this target was revised as 2020.
TCDD General Manager during the meetings held at the Parliamentary Commission of the TGNA during the week İsa Apaydın made a new date revision:
”We plan to run a test drive at 2021.“
Apaydın gave this history, but it is obvious that the date on the paper.
Infrastructure works started at 2012 on the Bursa-Yenişehir line could not be completed, and even the construction sites had stopped working at stopping point and even the delivery of the place to the winning company in the Yenişehir-Osmaneli line could not be made.
At the point Gelin
Due to the foreign exchange attack, the cost calculations rose and our fast train was put into the economic program of savings, which Ankara decided to implement.
In that respect O
TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydınyeni Test drive in 2021 ”is a new target date on paper.
Our hope is Um
Apaydin to fulfill his word and embarrass us all.

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