MOTAŞ Tools Disinfected

motas tools being disinfected
motas tools being disinfected

Working to maximize customer satisfaction, MOTAŞ continues to carry out detailed cleaning as well as daily cleaning in vehicles to carry passengers in a cleaner and more hygienic environment.

MOTAŞ public transportation vehicles, which serve thousands of passengers every day, are ready for service in the morning by cleaning the interior of the cleaning unit in garages every morning.

At the end of the day by completing flights to the garage, vehicles are regularly cleaned from dirt and disinfected against harmful organisms are made safe. In addition to the daily cleanliness, a special team established within the company can be cleaned in detail and the Malatians travel in a healthier and hygienic environment.

In a statement from MOTAŞ, all internal surfaces of vehicles, ceiling, rear-bottom parts of passenger seats, windows, advertising screens, passenger handles, door tops, driver's place, torpedo, glass edges, with detailed cleaning to carry customers with cleaner, more hygienic vehicles , side and ceiling surfaces, ventilation hatches, all metal surfaces inside the vehicle were cleaned and then disinfected.

In the vehicles, the latest cleaning of the floor, the exterior cleaning tools for external cleaning brushes passed the statement, the routine cleaning process lasted until late in the night and the tools were made ready for service was emphasized.

In the statement, “In addition to cleaning operations, vehicles are cleaned before and after mechanical maintenance. The cleaning agents used are selected in accordance with the applied surface. The vehicles are secured against all kinds of microbes and harmful organisms, thanks to the cleaning and disinfection processes performed late at night in the garages where the vehicles are connected. ”

”We reset our vehicles to factory settings“
Providing information about the cleaning done, MOTAŞ General Manager Enver Sedat Tamgacı said, “We do the disinfection with corrosive, carcinogenic and non-damaging substances that do not damage the skin and eyes, with international quality certificates. The company personnel, who have special clothes, masks and gloves, spray the places with intense contact with their spraying device such as passenger handles and handle pipes, seats and door handles. Our vehicles, which are cleaned in detail, are cleaned with special chemicals and steam machines and are almost returned to the factory. It is made ready for service as free from bacteria, such as the vehicle that has just been released from production. ”

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