Modern Bus Station with 74 Million Investment in Bodrum

modern bus terminal with 74 investment in the basement
modern bus terminal with 74 investment in the basement

📩 28/12/2018 11:50

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality has made a new and modern bus terminal to Bodrum District with a total of 24 Million investment including 600 Million 45 Thousand TL, bus terminal auction 548 Million 4 Thousand TL and 74 Million TL solar energy panels.

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, which attracts attention with investments and services in the town of Bodrum Torba District 153 60 island, 30 parcel 759 thousand 45 square plot on the 548 Million XNUMX thousand TL (including VAT) investment delivered a place for the Bodrum district bus station.

The construction area of ​​the Bodrum Bus Terminal is planned to be obtained from the solar panels on the roof of the building. designed as a vehicle. Like the Menteşe Intercity Bus Station, which has been completed in Muğla Menteşe and has obtained the 17 of its energy from its roof, the roof of the Bodrum Bus Terminal will also consist entirely of solar panels. There will be an 117 electric vehicle charging station at the Bodrum bus station. The cost of the solar panels that will form the roof of the Bodrum bus station where the solar power plant with the power of 21 KW will be installed is 45 Million TL. It is also planned to relieve the urban traffic by transferring the existing bus station in the Bodrum district outside the district center. In addition, the Metropolitan Municipality has paid 10 Million 157 Thousand TRY for the new bus terminal.

President Gürün; Dışında All of the bus stops in Muğla will be outside the district due to the modern urbanism and will benefit from solar energy. Muğlamız deserves the best service. Muğ

Muğla's 13 district, 566 neighborhood for the production of services and projects saying that the Mayor of Mugla Metropolitan Municipality. Osman Gürün stated that they carried out the services after the emergence of importance, urgency and necessary conditions and one of them was the Bodrum Bus Terminal project. Mayor of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Osman Gürün; Yatırım Since its inception, our Metropolitan Municipality has been one of the most investing companies in Muğla. 13 district, 566 neighborhood in the city of our citizens, the peace, happiness and live in a more livable city. Each district has separate services and projects. After the necessity, urgency, and most importantly the necessary legal conditions, we realize our services and investments as Metropolitan Municipality. Bodrum Bus Terminal is one of them in our project. When the problems related to the place where we will build the bus station area were overcome, the tender was signed with the project and the contract was signed. By moving the bus station in the city center of the Bodrum District to the Torba Junction, we will also reduce the traffic problem experienced in summer. Due to the geographic structure and features of our Mugla, the roof of our Bodrum bus station will also consist of solar panels and will produce its own energy. All of the bus stations in Muğla will be outside of the district due to the modern urbanism understanding and the suitable bus stations will benefit from solar energy. Muğla deserves the best service. We have a lot to do for Muğla, we have dreams to realize. Muğ

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