Elevators for Disabled and Elderly People are Installed on Overpasses in Malatya

malatyada ustgecitere for the disabled and the elderly are being built
malatyada ustgecitere for the disabled and the elderly are being built

Pedestrian overpasses located on the ring road by the Metropolitan Municipality of Malatya for the elderly and disabled citizens can benefit from the elevator is being done easily.

By making elevators to many pedestrian overpasses on the ring road, it is appreciated by elderly and disabled citizens. kazanFinally, the Metropolitan Municipality built an elevator for the pedestrian overpass, which was completed in front of Fatih High School.

Elevators in pedestrian overpasses carried out in accordance with regulations by the Maintenance and Repair Department of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality are equipped with camera systems so that the 24 watch can be monitored remotely by mobile phone. There was also a telephone system connected with the municipality call center to be searched in emergencies in the elevator on the overpass.

Ilar Priority for Elderly and Disabled People “

The elevator assembly installed on the pedestrian overpass in front of Fatih High School serves citizens 24 hours a day. While the elevator serves all citizens between 07.30 - 19.00 hours, citizens over the age of 65 and disabled citizens will be able to use the elevators through the cards given to them by MOTAŞ, except for these hours.

In case of any negativity, the malfunction is intervened in a short time and the negativity is removed.

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