Bus Routes Changed in Kocaeli

coach bus changes
coach bus changes

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is implementing free transfer applications by making new route changes in existing bus lines according to the needs of the citizens. Within this scope, the route was changed on the 58th line of the “Western Terminal - Üçyol - Çayırköy” line. The “Gündoğdu - Radar” Line with the number 81 was changed and its route was reorganized as “Gündoğdu - Train Station”. Line 81 passengers will be able to board Line 82 vehicles free of charge with the change made.


As a result of the study carried out by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Department, N West Terminal - Üçyol - Çayırköy “line with the number 58 was revised as lu Radar - Üçyol - Çayırköy Taşıma line with the number 58. The route of the 58 numbered line, which is rearranged as Çayağan Walkway, is the last stop of Turan Güneş Street, Bekirdere, Üçyol, Santral, Cumhuriyet Park, Corps, Orduevi, Yenidoğan, Yeni Mahalle, İnkilap Street, Hülya Street, Bilge Street, Radar Street and Ardık KYK student residence. was determined. In line with the same Hat Arızlı KYK student dormitory, Burak Sokak, Odtü Schools, Senem Street, Buse Street, Radar Street, Bilge Street, Hülya Street, İnkilap Street, D-100, Newborn, Seka, Central Bank, North Side Road, Leyla Atakan Street. , Baç Junction, Santral, Bağdat Street, Mehmet Ali Pasha, Üç Yol, Turan Güneş Street, Yeşilova and Çayırköy will work as the last stop.


The number değiştiril Gündoğdu - Radar ”was changed to” Gündoğdu - Train Station ”. 81 The new route to the numbered line; Pest Control Area, 81 August Street, Piotr Wilcy's Square, Thessaloniki Street, Koca Fountain Street, Zubeyde Hanim Street, Imamoglu Street, Bucak Street, Ayvalik Street, Bogazova Street, Zubeyde Hanim Street, Ulu Street, Sehit F. Duman Street, Gundogdu Street , Turan Güneş Street, Bekirdere, Three Roads, Power Station, Republic Park, Acısu and Train Station. 17 The new return route of the numbered line; Railway Station, North Side Road, Leyla Atakan Street, Baç, Santral, Bağdat Street, Mehmet Ali Pasha, Three Roads, Bekirdere, Turan Güneş Street, Gündoğdu Street, Şehit F.Duman Street, Ulu Street, Zübeyde Hanım Street, Boğazova Street, Ayvalık Street, Bucak Street, Imamoglu Street, Zubeyda Hanim Caddesi, Koca Cesme Street, Thessaloniki Street, Piotr WilcyinSkik Boulevard, 81 August Street and last stop were reorganized as Public Works Storage Area.

New Free Transfer Line applications carried out by the Department of Public Transport have been added. New routes will be provided for free for the first time on the 81 and 82 lines. Free transfer point for the 81 numbered train Station stop, 82 Free transfer point for the numbered line, the Republic Park stop was determined. Accordingly, passengers who use the 81 number Seka State Hospital Kuruçeşme and Cenesuyu to go to the direction of the Republic Park transfer point from the transfer point of the number of 82 can even ride free. Passengers using the 82 numbered line will be able to take the free transfer from the Railway Station to the 81 number for the direction of Gündoğdu.

All information about the departure times of the new routes created by the Metropolitan Municipality and the stops of the buses will be easily seen with the e-comobile application to be installed on smartphones. The e-komobil program, which will be installed by citizens on smart phones or tablet computers, provides all the information needed for public transportation.

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