Public Transport Vehicles to be Inspected in Kayseri

kayseride public transport to be supervised
kayseride public transport to be supervised

According to President Çelik's instructions, the public transportation vehicles inspection team was created for more comfortable transportation of the people.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality formed Transportation Inspection Team to make public transportation more comfortable and to increase public transport satisfaction. Previous inspections will be carried out by these teams and the problems encountered in public transport will be minimized.

In accordance with the instructions of the Mayor Mustafa Çelik about the sensitivity of public transportation vehicles and the prevention of the complaints of the passengers, the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation A.Ş. The Transportation Supervision Teams, which were formed by the Seyit Burhaneddin Cemetery, supervised all buses. Kayseri Transportation Inc. Bus Operation Chief Sadullah Demirkan said that they conducted inspections at four main centers. Expressing that they are aiming to travel more comfortably for passengers, Demirkan said, “We are cleaning the vehicles and inspecting the costumes and badges of the drivers. Meanwhile, we are evaluating complaints from passengers ard.

Kayseri Transportation Inc. teams with Kayseri Chamber of Coaches Tradesmen. Rıza Kaya, Vice President of the Chamber of Busmen Trades stated that they would provide solutions to the problems that caused the complaints of the passengers.

The Transportation Inspection Team at Seyit Burhaneddin Durağı started their inspections with the external appearance of the buses and all the buses and the costumes of the drivers were inspected. In the inspections, the cleanliness of the places where the passengers in the buses were contacted was checked in detail. All the deficiencies seen during the audits were generated and the drivers were warned.

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