İZBAN Grevine Support from İzmir

izmirlilerden support for izban strike
izmirlilerden support for izban strike

IZBAN left its fourth day of strike behind. When we asked about their opinions about the strike, the people of Izmir said that they had difficulties but they supported the strike. Nurgül Günay “We have all been miserable, but we suffer again. As long as they do not leave this strike without their rights, ”he said.

The strike, which was run by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD partnership and started to provide public transportation service by rail system, started on the fourth day of the strike, which started after collective bargaining.

In order not to be late for their jobs, we asked the İzmir people who had to use their private vehicles, municipal buses, subways, trams and ferries to think about the strike they had started, demanding better and fair wage rights of İZBAN workers.


Akın Heper said that he was not angry at anyone although he had to go back from İZBAN station and he could go to the same place by tram or bus.

Stating that the strike is legitimate, Heper said, Hep This strike is legitimate if it will contribute to the worker and order in the long run. As long as everyone can go where he wants to go, it's not a big problem. Our individual harms don't matter. I hope they get results. If only a step is taken by the employer, this is a problem for the authority of the institution. On the other hand, if there is a surrender by the workers, the workers do not have any say. So it is the most logical to meet both in the middle. Buluş

Kamile Öztürk, who claimed that this was the case for the municipality to lose the next elections, said: ı The responsibility of this state is not the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. But people do not know that the municipality is doing, he thinks. Let them do the right for the workers in winter. There is no need to make Izmir such a victim İzmir.


Umut Aksoy said that he did not support such strikes because he caused the people to be victims. I have to use İZBAN every day to go to school. In Japan, workers who work in transportation services take the people for free and strike them in this way. This could be done here. It would be good for everyone to make a deal at once. Bir

Nurgül Günay, who came to İZBAN station in Alsancak to go to Şirinyer, believes that the workers' strike is justified. Gunay, "Workers have the right to live. Who can do what with the salary of 2000 lira? They did the same thing the previous year. We've all been miserable, but we're pulling this ordeal again. Suffice it to leave this strike without taking their rights, Yeter he said.

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