İZBAN workers met with Izmir people

izban workers met with izmir people
izban workers met with izmir people

The İZBAN workers, who left the 11th day of the strike in Izmir, met with the Izmir residents at the NHKM Konak Public Stage last night in order to inform the public and increase the solidarity. The workers, who explained the perception operation and lies of the İZBAN employer, explained the risk of the trips with the 'striker' machinists.

Resistances 11. İZBAN workers, who left the day left behind, met with the people of İzmir at Nâzım Hikmet Cultural Center to raise solidarity and to explain the strike.

Speaking on behalf of the 342 worker in the Resistance, the representatives of the Turkish Railroad-Work Union told about the security of passengers, the problems experienced by women workers, the perception operation performed by İZBAN management to confront the workers of İzmir and the strike workers, the unrealistic figures and the real payrolls.

Solidarity event, the Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG) on behalf of the rigid Efe he wrote, conveying their sense of support for the resistance of the workers İZBAN "Future Direction Staff" began with the reading of the poem.

Gebze examples of workers to the working class of Turkey with Flormar that constructive resistance sang along with the music group "We" part of the clip has been shared by the people.

Ahmet Güler, one of the workers of İZBAN, who spoke on behalf of the workers in the strike, said that the right to increase the rate of 28 is equal to the minimum increase required to survive in a country with increasing inflation rates. Starting from the net 1453 liras and a worker with an 2010 entry, the 85 daily bonus has been added to the salary. He said that he received a net 2154 pound, and he reminded them that they had put on their payroll to Alsancak Station for all the residents of Izmir.


İZBAN worker Ahmet Güler stated that the workplace, which was the first stop of the collective bargaining period, was İZBAN and that the collective bargaining agreements involving 24 thousand employees would be shaped according to the result of this resistance. kazanIrsak 24 thousand workers from Izmir kazanir, the whole working class of Turkey kazanir,” he said.

Another İZBAN worker, Berkant Arda, pointed out that there were big risks and negligence in terms of security, and he invited İzmir residents to think once again about the risk of high accidents and whether to use trains.


Emrah Saygılı, the laborer of İZBAN said, “The train accident in Ankara was due to the lack of signaling. Moreover, the Minister says that signaling is not necessary. At İZBAN, we hear that people who are working at the desk have been repaired and repaired. While these security risks are in the middle of İZBAN, all İzmiris have the same risk and the same risk when using every İZBAN. While those responsible for the Ankara accident are not accountable, the issue is thrown on three of our five working brothers Ankara.

Emphasizing that retired machinists who are called to work for “striking” are between the ages of 60-65, İZBAN worker Mücahit Yavuz said, “Moreover, we can work 25-35 hours with the difficulties brought by the use of trains between the ages of 7-8, while the striker retired machinists can sleep for 6-12 hours. They work for 13 hours. ” Indicating that “striking” is a crime and that İZBAN workers who resist for their rights have sued İZBAN management, Yavuz stated that the court in question will be seen in İzmir in the coming days.

Yeşim İnal, the worker of İZBAN, stated that the passengers' reactions to the surplus money system were directly addressed by themselves and especially the female employees. “Since the box office workers are generally female laborers, we always had to respond to the surplus money system brought by the management. We had a very hard time. ” Emphasizing that the similarities experienced by women laborers in all sectors are also experienced in İZBAN, Yeşim İnal reminded that the difficulties of working in the shift system forced women workers even more.


İZBAN workers who prepared an informative adhesive label titled laştırma Lies and Truths ayı made a call to disseminate these adhesive labels to increase the solidarity of all the people of Izmir.


Efe Eğilmez's poem for the laborers of İZBAN is as follows:
The world spins
And progressing humanity
Life is also accelerating
Airplanes and trains
And of course tanks, rifles
Growing, developing, accelerating humanity
But bread is getting smaller

Distance between two settlements
And twenty-seven minutes from the city center to the airport
So far the people who looked at the future from now on
Yet today, we need to look from the future
Because if the train is moving,
There are those who push that engine,
And if the world is returning,
Changed continuously
He will not stop, one day he will always advance the train
Because today, we need to look from the future
And now it stops train, does not move
Because bread is getting smaller

But nothing remains the same,
Tomorrow's forces shape today
So take the action and stop the train
Because we are the rotating world
But bread, going down,
So let the world and the train move,
Until the world rises


Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) İzmir provincial organization also made a statement regarding the ongoing İZBAN more strikes.

The people of Izmir who are the victims of Izmir, not workers, İZBAN management is emphasized in the statement, the people of Izmir was called to support the rightful and legitimate struggle of workers.

TKP Izmir provincial organization signed the whole statement as follows:

Strike Continues at İZBAN


IZBAN workers have been on strike since December. They struggle for their labor, their rights, their future.

Workers continue their right struggle, while İZBAN administration continues to campaign. Excessive and false figures about workers' demands are explained.

During one of these statements, the CHP mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoglu could not get his speed and lay his eggs: CH Everyone gets excited when the economy gets smaller. Bu

We are now asking Aziz Kocaoglu:

Why don't you boss the boss when the economy is down?

Why don't you reduce the profit rates of bosses when the economy is shrinking?

The profits of the bosses do not diminish because municipalities like Kocaoğlu open every square centimeter of our city to the bosses. The historical and natural beauties of the city are attracted to the bosses and everything becomes part of rent.

After doing all this, shamelessly, IZBAN workers in Izmir people say that the victim. It is the management of Izban, which is the main victim of the people of Izmir. This administration, which is a partner of AKP and CHP, has not caused the rights of its workers and caused the people to suffer. The administration, which made an excuse for the economic crisis, spent the 1 day to break the strike. With the Plus Money System, a system of robbery has been established and the labor expenses of the laborers have increased to 11-2 and the people of Izmir have been the victims.

The management of İZBAN is not only one of these, but it also puts Izmir people in great danger. To break the strike, the 7 retired mechanic was commissioned and a shuttle was made between Çiğli and Adnan Menderes Airport. 342: 06 is operated by 00: 22 00: 7 and XNUMX strike breaker machine and insufficient number of auxiliary personnel. It is not possible for the mechanics working long hours to carry out their duties in a healthy manner. In addition, train maintenance is not sufficiently realized since all maintenance personnel are on strike. The people of Izmir travel in such a way as to invite all kinds of accidents with the trains used by the tired mechanic who have been working for a long time and the maintenance is not enough. İZBAN management is responsible for a possible disaster.


We are not condemned to this order.

We should give the shoulder to İZBAN workers in the strike and join the struggle for a system where the public will have the right of free transportation and also the value of the labor of the Izban worker. (Source: haber.sol)

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