İZBAN: Surprising Statement by Machinist Women


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İZBAN's female trainers working on the longest line in Turkey: The biggest problem for us is the toilet. We are making a road from Alsancak to Aliağa and back to Aliağa without stopping. We do not drink any water during this time. Because if we drink water, we cannot go to the toilet ... (Nuray Pehlivan - Gazateduv is)

Female mechanics who went on strike in İZBAN explained the working conditions. With the Demiryol-İş Trade Union, İZBAN A.Ş. 342 strike ended with the participation of all workers on 13. Workers who come to work in the morning as the union goes to work in the Alsancak Railway Station, determined to continue the strike until the demands are met.

In the meantime, flights are only available between Çiğli and Adnan Menderes Airport at 06.00-11.00 and 16.00-22.00 hours, where the passenger density is high. While 24 limited flights were carried out every minute, Demiryol-İş Union claimed that additional flights broke the strike. Karşıyaka 1. He applied to the Labor Court.

  1. Hatice Can, Asli Kızak and Gamze Koyun, one of the female machinists who participated in the İZBAN strike that went into their day, told Newspaper Wall about the conditions in which they worked and why they were on strike. Women who are working in the 6 female mechanic told about their difficulties, ğı The biggest problem for us is toilet. From Alsancak to Aliağa and from there to Aliağa we are making a break. We do not drink any water during this time. Because we can't go to the toilet if we drink water, Çünkü he says.


Hatice Can, who worked as a machinist for 8 for more than a year in İZBAN, mentioned the difficulties of being a female mechanic because of prejudices in the society, yapan You are not a woman working in a system working against time but you are part of the chain. Or Your emotional and physical characteristics are secondary to being a woman, iniz he says.

"What do you want to be in the future? I think we have no answer to this question. Especially in a society where men like to drive and park like women is common, the answer to a woman is not going to be a mechanic. The profession that you started with these prejudices is not only women but also gets harder. If your car stays on the road, you call the mechanic or ask for help, but you don't have the luxury. And you're not the only one on the way. The passengers who try to go to work, home, school don't have the patience to wait! İş

“Trying to fulfill your task as other colleagues; you feel different when a passenger who sees you says dem Aa woman machinist sizi. Yes, female mechanic UM the 140 female mechanic who is trying to do the same task on the same road with the 6 male mechanic friend. Single, married, with children li ''

Can, who are competing with time and are aware of the fact that they have a duty that does not accept mistakes, continues:

. From the moment we put the key on, we decided to stop being a woman and focus on our passengers. Every minute you lose in the breaks at the moment we deliver the task, the passengers are late, so it is actually your need for time. If the food you ordered is late, you cannot eat or eat faster. The last minutes of these small breaks are divided into the need for the sink, the long way is known. When you complete your stay, you have the comfort of having the day left without any accidents. It is time to be a wife and mother, that is, for women who are waiting for you at home. All this is part of our business and we do our job. Very tiring, weary and not much to you. Bayram visits, special occasions, parent meetings and family visits are becoming meaningless over time. Because these days are working days for us, if not. After all, you adapt to everything over time. In this way we have completed the year 8 and we are in a strike process even if we do not want to. Although there are no strikes by heart, conditions require it. Gön


Gamze Koyun said that he was a machine worker even though he hadn't in mind, he wouldn't choose this profession if he asked:

In I had applied for a different unit, but the 3 female mechanic said they would. I liked this idea when I asked if I wanted to and I started. But if I asked if you would accept it today, I would say no! This is not a job to be done without much love. You're going all day alone on a road. On the outside, they say 'turn the sleeve'. But it is not. The biggest problem for us is the toilet. From Alsancak to Aliağa and from there to Aliağa we are making a break. We do not drink any water during this time. Because if we drink water, we can't go to the bathroom. There are such problems. You always have to be punctual. You or your child is sick. If they can't arrange someone else, you have to be there until someone is found. Because that wheel has to turn in a way. Çünkü

Yok At the weekend, we do not have a concept of holiday. In case of malfunction, we are overcome like our male friends but passengers are surprised. There are those who say we can stay on the road if they give a train to the woman. At that moment all the trains on the line stopped, because there is a problem with the signal; but the passenger reacts this way. I even saw a woman ride because she can't ride! I used to react to this kind of rhetoric, but now we're all used to. If we do not encounter anything in the extreme, we do not worry about such things. Bir

'Thinking of what we think and what to do back'

Sheep, why they are on strike is our question, old We did not want to strike. The only reason we are in a strike is İZBAN management. He did not want to give money to his employees like every other contract. They want to do a lot of work at a low price. Turkey's longest commuter line, but the lowest salaries are the areas İZBAN employees. Currently in Turkey make this work as much as we paid, not even on the subway, leave the suburbs. Those who use commuter trains receive our 2-3 salary. Imagine, last month, my salary was 2200 TL as a salary. Moreover, since I am one of the first entrants, I am one of the high wage earners. Of course, this is a bonus, including money and other benefits. Bu

Ist My wife is a mechanic. On the morning shift, my wife is on the 3-11 shift. Our child is with his mother or his father. Almost never see us together. There's no weekend break. We love our job, we endure every kind of trouble, but we are tired of living in debt. We're running the money we have right now. I have no idea what to do when it's over. But we don't intend to give up or go back this way. Rather than work like a slave, we will continue to live in this process. Because we know that we cannot obtain our rights otherwise. Çünkü


Or Our concern is not to be rich, we just want our money, AN says İZBAN's mechanic Aslı Parmaklı.

Meslek It is a profession that requires extreme attention when men are forced to work. In this profession you have to work in shifts, to work on all your jobs in limited breaks. You're racing over time. You don't have the luxury of being late for work, because if you're late, everyone is late! Train trouble is sometimes added to this hustle and bustle. When this kind of thing happens, the mechanic is female and they start to be told that there is a failure or delay caused by us. As 140 female mechanic in 6 we are trying to do this as best as we can. In this period, we entered a strike process. Our concern is not to be rich, we only want money for our labor. We want a better life in the future with our family. A


Railroad-İş and İZBAN A.Ş. 10 was decided to strike at work in December. Railway Workers' Union (Demiryol-İş) Izmir Branch, claiming that the additional flights that have been launched broke the strike they initiated in İZBAN and demanded that the additional flights be stopped Karşıyaka He had applied to the 1st Labor Court.

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