Istanbulites Attention! Working on TEM Highway ...

work on the highway in Istanbul
work on the highway in Istanbul

TEM Motorway Tuzla Orhanlı Intersection - Şekerpınar Junction between the center of the O-4 (TEM) Motorway in order to make the middle foot manufacturing direction will be provided in two directions in the direction of Istanbul - Ankara towards Istanbul.

Within the scope of the TEM side roads arrangement by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science and Infrastructure Services, the bridge construction work of O-4 (TEM) Istanbul - Ankara Highway between 30 +500 - 32 + 400 kilometers will be carried out.

22 22.00 is planned to end in 23 on December Saturday and 13.00 is scheduled to end in December at XNUMX.

Between the working hours, the direction of Istanbul will be provided as a two-way departure from Istanbul to Ankara.

Two bridge manufacturing (Photo-1 and photo-2) planned to be built on the TEM highway will be installed in the specified date and time interval.

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