Drivers in Istanbul Attention! Penalties Gets Who Crosses the Wrong Bridge


Drivers in Istanbul attention! After the opening of the third bridge, 2nd class vehicles with an axle distance of more than 3.20 were prohibited from passing through the second bridge. However, citizens who were not aware of the ban continued to use the second bridge, and penalties followed one after the other.

After the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the third bridge of Istanbul, opened in 2016, restrictions were imposed on vehicles that could cross the second bridge (Fatih Sultan Mehmet). According to this; Passing of heavy tonnage trucks, intercity coaches, 3rd, 4th and 5th class vehicles and light commercial vehicles on the second bridge was prohibited. However, some exemptions were introduced for class 2 vehicles. This situation confused the citizens.


According to a report from Posta; in law; Second class vehicles with an axle distance of 2 meters or more are prohibited from passing through the second bridge. In other words, vehicles that are 3.20 meters and below can continue to pass through the second bridge, while fines are imposed on vehicles with an axle distance above this. However, according to the decision of the Istanbul Transportation Coordination Directorate (UKOME); Tourism, staff, school buses and all public transportation vehicles can cross the second bridge.


Many citizens who see these vehicles passing through the second bridge also use the second bridge with their light commercial vehicles or vehicles above 3.20 meters. Stating that they were unaware of the punishment and that the sentences were notified months later, citizens expressed their complaints on their social media accounts and said, “There is no warning sign and the issue has not been announced sufficiently. “We continued to use the bridge we have been using for years,” he says.


Considering that the ban was not valid for his own vehicle, a citizen who crossed the second bridge said that his vehicle with a 3.45 meter axle was fined 800 TL. Another citizen said, “I was fined 600 TL for crossing the second bridge with my panelvan vehicle. The penalty was sent to me after 1 year. I did not think that there would be a problem in my vehicle because the vehicles with exemption passed through the second bridge, ”he said.


Hundreds of vehicles such as Volkswagen Transporter, Mercedes Vito, Renault Trafic, Renault Master, Fiat Ducato, Fiat Maxi Doblo and Peugeot Partner Maxi are forbidden to cross the second bridge.

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