Highway, Inefficient as a Transportation Model

inefficient as a road transport model
inefficient as a road transport model

The presidency came from an announcement about the construction of highways. 2019 Presidency Annual Program, "excess supply" was determined that the road network, as a transportation model was expressed as inefficient.

According to the report in BirGün, the government confessed that “We have done more than necessary” regarding the highways that it has shown as evidence of management skill for years.

In the 2019 Year Presidential Annual Program published by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the work killings and the findings related to the allegations of transferring rent to the adjacent contractors were also included. The program, passenger and vehicle-based Treasury guarantees, and the passing of the contractor's pocket payments in the pocket of the geç excess of supply ileri was created about the motorways. Finally, in the Logistics and Transportation section of the program, the following was mentioned in the program:
Short-term solution

Azır Although long-term planning for a balanced modal distribution has been made in our country, historically road-oriented transportation system has been allocated to highway due to the rapid and short-term approaches to increased transportation demand. surplus However, the lack of timely construction of railway and maritime infrastructure suitable for increased transportation needs leads to the loading of freight and passenger transportation on the road network, which is the most flexible transportation type, and an inefficient structure is emerging. Bun

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