IETT opens new routes to the city with the initiatives of Pendik Municipality

iett pendik in the city with the initiative of the new lines were opened
iett pendik in the city with the initiative of the new lines were opened

IETT continues to bring new lines to the city with the initiatives of Pendik Municipality. KM17 Bus Line, which will run between Tuzla Emlak Konutları and Tavşantepe Metro, will be opened this Friday. The new line will be an alternative to the 17P line.

The new bus line will serve under the name of "KM17 Tuzla Emlak Konutları - Tavsantepe Metro". The routes to be followed by the bus will be Cemil Meriç İO - Tuzla Emlak Konutları - Şabani Veli Mosque - Divan Yolu - Kuzey Yanyol - Kaynarca Yanyol - Tavsantepe Metro. KM17, which will be opened as an alternative to 17P against the passenger density in the region, will enter service this Friday (December 7). Timetable and detailed information web address. Information on the subject can be obtained from the call center ALO 153.

Expeditions were added, additional buses were put

IETT has made improvements in existing lines as well as new lines in order to reduce the intensity in commute hours. While some lines were frequent, additional buses were put in others. The flights on the KM28 Okan University - Pendik Metro / YHT line have been increased. The list of the lines where the vehicle is added and other additional operations are performed is as follows:

ARaised lines:

 -17 Pendik - Kadıköy (Added 1 tool.)

-130E Tuzla / Evora Houses / Kartal Metro /Cevizli (Added 1 tool.)

-KM23 Kavakpınar / Marmara Hospital - Kartal Metro /Cevizli (Added 1 tool.)

-133K Kurtköy Sanayi Mh./Kavakpınar - Kartal (2 vehicles added.)

-132D Kurtdoğmuş / Ballıca - Kartal (Only vehicles were added on weekdays.)

-KM25 Yenişehir - Kartal Metro /Cevizli (Added 1 tool.)

Free transfer lines:

 16C Hilal Houses-Kadıköy, KM37 Hilal Houses - To Pendik Metro / YHT,

 17K Kavakpınar - KadıköyWas added as a free transfer to KM24 Kavakpınar - Pendik Metro / YHT. 



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