'Crystal Helmet Awards' given by IMM Found Their Owners

ibb crystal crystal helmet owners found their owners
ibb crystal crystal helmet owners found their owners

The aret Crystal Helmet Awards ”given by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality found their owners. A total of 7 awards were presented to the sector representatives in the 20 category for their social responsibility, project and good practice.

Organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality tarafından 2. International Occupational Health and Safety Congress and Fair-IOHS EXPO Uluslararası ended. After the 3 day-long fair and congress, “Crystal Helmet Awards en found their owners.

Hundreds of public institutions, organizations and private firms operating in national and international scale have applied for Crystal Helmet Awards. Applications accepted in separate categories were evaluated in terms of Social Responsibility, Project and Good Practice. A ceremony was held at the Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Center for the representatives of the sector who were awarded the award as a result of the evaluation conducted by the expert jury members. Total 7 awards were given by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Hayri Baraçlı, İBB Deputy Secretary General Nihat Macit and President of Health Department Muzaffer Saraç.

, Crystal Helmet Awards ler, which aim to increase awareness on occupational health and safety, to develop good practice examples and to encourage sector representatives to sign case studies, are;

Kristal Baret Occupational Safety Award: Turkcell
Kristal Baret Employee Health Award: Turkcell Global

Kristal Baret University Award: Yıldız Technical University
Crystal Helmet Academician Award: Prof.Dr. Dr. View İsmail's Full Profile
Kristal Baret University Project Award: Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University

Crystal Hard Hat Innovative Application Award: Cement Industry Employers' Association
Crystal Helmet Innovative Application Award: Alsim Alarko Industrial Plants and Trade Inc.
Crystal Helmet Innovative Application Award: Uniliver Sanayi ve Ticaret Türk AŞ

Crystal Baret Sector Award - Education: Malatya Provincial Directorate of National Education
Crystal Baret Sector Award - Education: Bolu National Education Directorate
Crystal Baret Sector Award - Energy: Aygaz A.Ş.
Crystal Baret Sector Award - Construction: IC İÇTAŞ EGİS Highway Operation and Maintenance Co.
Crystal Baret Sector Award-Construction: Doğuş Construction and Trade Inc.

Krsital helmets Investment Finance Award: Turkey Finans Participation Bank Inc.
Crystal Baret Investor Company Award: TAV Airports Holding

Crystal Hard Hat Series Award
Kristal Baret TV Channel Award: NTV
Kristal Baret TV Channel Award: TRT

Crystal Hard Hat Special Award: Association of Occupational Health and Safety Training and Research
Crystal Hard Hat Special Award: Dr. Contact Hilmi directly



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