Honda Tunnel's 80% Completed

XYUMXi completed in front of honaz tunel
XYUMXi completed in front of honaz tunel

📩 27/12/2018 11:52

Turkey's major industrial and tourism centers of the Ring Road project will connect Denizli Honaz of about 80 percent Tunnel shown as the most important step has been completed.

Works are continuing in Honaz Tunnel, which is one of the key stages of the project, which will ensure that the traffic coming from İzmir, Aydın and Ankara lines and going to Antalya and Muğla direction continues without entering Denizli city center. Honaz Mayor Turgut Devecioğlu, Honaz Tunnel, is a tunnel with a length of 2 thousand 600 meters, which examines the tunnel construction area and will save time and fuel after completion, as well as the connection road of Denizli to important tourism centers such as Antalya and Muğla. A tunnel with 2 tubes, that is 5 meters. 'We saw the construction works in the tunnel on site. Nearly 200 percent of the tunnel was completed. We will see the light in the days ahead, insha'Allah. ” spoke in the form.

Mayor Turgut Devecioğlu mentioned the importance of the Honaz Tunnel in the point of eliminating the transportation problem for Denizli after the tender of the Denizli-Aydın highway. With the support of our central government to the project, and the efforts of our ministers and deputies, work on tunnel construction continues. Thanks to the tunnels, our citizens in the export and tourism center Denizli and the surrounding cities will travel peacefully and safely. We often visit the project to see the work on site. ' used expressions.

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