Liberation War Hero Fatma Seher Kara Fatma Overpass Opened

hero of salvation hero fatma seher kara
hero of salvation hero fatma seher kara

Hero of Independence War Fatma Seher Kara Fatma Overpass is Opened: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, as well as infrastructure and superstructure works, demolishes the old overpasses and makes the city a more modern look. In this context, the old reinforced concrete overpass passing over the train line in 42 Houses of Izmit was demolished and replaced with a new one. On the reconstructed overpass, the name of Fatma Seher, nicknamed 'Black Fatma', was shown as one of the heroes of the War of Independence, who showed great sacrifice in the liberation of Izmit from the enemy invasion.


The recently completed Fatma Seher (Kara Fatma) overpass was introduced. The Union of Turkish World Municipalities and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, General Secretary Ilhan Bayram, AK Party Provincial Women Branch President Serpil Yilmaz, heads of departments, unit managers and citizens attended.


In his opening speech, President Karaosmanoğlu stated that Fatma Seher is one of the most important heroes of the Turkish War of Independence. Mayor Karaosmanoğlu said, imiz We had an old, makeshift reinforced concrete overpass that had been subjected to an earthquake in the past. We are introducing our modern overpass, which we demolish the old and the new one. We named it “Black Fatma Buraya. Fatma Seher, who showed a great example of heroism in the War of Independence, is an important name for Kocaeli. ”


After the speeches, the protocol, the introduction of the transition made the top gate. Fatma Seher Kara Fatma overpass 90 meters long and 3,5 meters wide. There are 3 elevators on the Real side, on the middle side and on the Salim Dervişoğlu Street side.


Fatma Seher Hanım, known for her work on black fat, was born in 1888 in Erzurum. His father's name is Yusuf Aga, while her husband's name is Dervis Bey. Fatma Seher Hanım, who was also a soldier (Major), joined the Balkan War with her husband, who was in Edirne. Afterwards, he joined the 10 World War by organizing women close to 1 from his own family. Hearing that Izmit was occupied by Kara Fatma, with his gang secretly went to Izmit by train. Kara Fatma and his men, who went to Paşaköy by Bahçecik and Servetiye, established headquarters here. With the great efforts of our courageous people like Izmit and Kara Fatma, 28 has been saved from enemy occupation on June 1921.

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