Ild Hasarak Mountain Tourism Master Plan Turizm Consultation

haserek mountain tourism master plan was exempted 2
haserek mountain tourism master plan was exempted 2

The promotion and consultation meeting of 'Haserek Ski Center Master Plan and Feasibility Project', which is one of the tourism development projects of DAP administration, was held in Bingöl.

Bingöl-Elazığ highway located on the road, near the village of Dikme and the length of 1600 meters to be prepared for the master plan to be prepared Haserek Mountain meeting held in Bingöl Special Provincial Administration Social Facilities.

Bingöl Governor Kadir Ekinci, Mayor Yücel Barakazi, Bingöl University Rector. Dr. İbrahim Çapak, DAP Administration President Adnan Demir, Vice President Volkan Güler, Secretary General of Bingöl Special Provincial Administration Mehmet Işık, Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Kasım Barman, Deputy Director of Youth and Sports Kadir Bozaba, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Mahmut Ayas, Bingöl University BESYO Secretary Gökmen Kılınçarslan, Director of BESYO Yüksel Kıyak, Fırat Development Agency (FKA) Bingöl Investment Support Office Head of Unit İsa Telimen, Skisilkroad Erzincan, Erzurum, Kars Advisor to Destination Management Organization Francesco Comotti, Head of Ecosign Mountain Ryley Thiessen and Vice President of Ecosign Mountain Eric Callender, DAP Administration of Economic Development, Industry and Services Coordinator Ayhan ALBUD, Sinem Dizlek the EAP Administration, Maulana Bahşi and Sinan Ecosign Mountain Kılıçtek joined with Representative of Turkey Harun Shooter.

Speaking at the opening of the meeting and providing information about the project DAP Administration President Adnan Demir, Haserek Mountain Tourism Master Plan preparation work was done in January 2018 tender, the tender won by the experienced ecosign firm in the field, he said.

Under the name of: Destination Management Organization for the winter tourism edi, the President of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism stated that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, a project initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, was implemented for the purpose of implementation.

Demir: ta DYO will increase the time the tourists stay in the region Demir

Iz We will ensure the marketing of these three destinations consisting of Erzincan, Erzurum and Sarıkamış ski resorts worldwide with a single organization. In this context, we are cooperating with TÜBİTAK-TÜSSİDE and in the first place we have established a destination management office, which includes Francesco Comotti, who is specialized in destinations and winter tourism. This destination management office will have conveyed some of the experience to some experts locally for publicity. Erzincan, Erzurum and Sarikamis in the following period, we will win this experience in the later periods of Bingöl and other ski resorts in the region are planning to transfer. At this point, the biggest missing in Turkey's tourism can show that the structure of the Destination Management Organization. Tourism marketing in Europe is made in the form of Destination Management Organization. We will try to increase the duration of their stay by offering different products to the tourists coming to the Eastern Anatolia Region ”

Güler: dayalı Our biggest lack of non-planning investments lar

Speaking at the meeting, Vice President of the GDR, Volkan Güler, talked about the progress achieved in the project. Project team first, field visits, then the slope, direction, height and daylight, such as technical analysis that voices Güler, indicating that the current position of Haserek ski center in the future and basically a demand-based planning work was done by specifying, said:

Lar The biggest deficiency for winter tourism is the non-planning investments. Firstly, investments are made and the planning is tried to be done in later stages. At this point, especially mechanical problems are experienced. Because, the costs of such investments are relinquished. There are also ski resorts that are never used in the area. Here, the project team will make the planning of what extent we can develop Hasarak on the basis of which physical spaces. In this meeting, we will have consulted the project with the presentation. Bu

Comotti: ülebilir Sustainability is very important Com

Then two different alternative master plans of the project team based on technical analysis were presented. After the presentation, Skisilkroad Erzincan, Erzurum, Kars Advisor to the Destination Management Organization, Francesco Comotti, suggested that planning is the right approach, but the most important is the sustainability, he said. Ler This sustainability should include both economic, social and environmental aspects,. Says Comotti. The most important one of these elements is the basic investment in the area. The second factor is the sustainability dimension of the future, that is, the system should be very well-functioning and sustainable without generating too much cost to the government. 30-2 needs to be revised annually according to changing market conditions as the master plan 3 covers an annual process. Here, changing market conditions and facilities' maintenance and safety are two elements that need attention. Burada

Ekinci: ediy I thank those who contributed Ek

Ti There was a serious presentation showing the development of the Hasarak ski resort in the 20-30 year-long process, te said the Governor of Bingöl, Kadir Ekinci, who last made the last speech and evaluated the meeting, and thanked the DAP Administration for their support. Wanting to see the details of the Master Plan divided into 5 annual processes, Governor Ekinci continued his speech:

Im In terms of profit and loss, let's see the parts of the whole in a short time, at least in the short term, medium and long term. Therefore, three-year, five-year and so on. I would like to see the development of stages. Despite this, it was a very nice introduction. As of January, 2019 will see the results. I think that the marketing of this region is important in the process. This professional support and with the support of the local government, worthy of our Bingöl'ü, a beautiful resort area and we think he will find life worthy of the Republic of Turkey in the region final. We would like to know what we are ready to do for Bingöl in the local area. The contribution to the region is the contribution to Bingöl. Thanks again to those who contributed E



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