South and North Korean Railways Connect together

guney and north korean railways connect with each other
guney and north korean railways connect with each other

South Korean trains have crossed the border for the first time in 10 years and started traveling in North Korea. Dozens of officials and engineers arriving by 6 trains from South Korea will carry out activities to modernize North Korea's dilapidated railways and link them to the South.

South Korea's Ministry of Unification with the North announced that officials and engineers on the 6 trends crossing North Korea will conduct inspections on 18 km long railways for 1200 days.

Due to the United Nations (UN) sanctions against North Korea, the South Korean delegation also received special permission from the UN to introduce sanctioned materials to the North.

The delegation of the South, who will work with the northern authorities, the largest part of 20. will prepare plans for the modernization of North Korean railways.

Life and work areas, fuel tanks and generators in the 6 train, east and west line across the South-North border across China will reach the border.

While state-of-the-art high-speed trains javelin in South Korea, North Korea's trains are mentioned as 'snail slow'. It is stated that modernizing North Korean railways and bringing them to international standards will require years and even decades and billions of dollars.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un stated in his first meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in that his country's rail system was 'embarrassing'.


A short-haul line between South and North Korea was interconnected in 2007, a South Korean cargo train was passing 5 times next to the border. But the last time was done in 2008, and the relations between the two countries were completely stopped.


Despite the US President Donald Trump's summit with Kim in June, talks on nuclear weapons have been stalled since then. While Moon is struggling to improve economic ties with North Korea, the Trump administration wants it to be conditioned on progress in nuclear weapons debates.

A leading portrait in North Korea: Who smiled happy with his official portrait for the first time
South Korea's earlier attempt to examine North's railroads was halted by the US-led UN force stationed at the border.


However, the South Korean leadership is determined to open two railway connections with the North at the end of this year, accompanied by a ribbon-cutting ceremony. However, as long as the sanctions against Pyonyang remain in force, this will be a completely symbolic step. Sanctions allow the passage of very limited types of goods to the North.


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