GOOD Party Koray Aydin, YHT Accident Brought to the Assembly!

good party koray aydin yht accident moved to parliament
good party koray aydin yht accident moved to parliament

IYI Party Deputy Chairman and Ankara Deputy Koray Aydın carried the High Speed ​​Train accident that took place in Ankara on December 13, 2018, to the Parliament, this time with a parliamentary question. Aydin, "Is there a single administrator who resigned due to train accidents?" asked.

The entire written questionnaire of Koray Aydın is as follows: “In the accident that occurred as a result of the collision of the High Speed ​​​​Train and the Guide Train carrying out road control in Ankara on 13 December 2018, 9 of our citizens lost their lives and many of our citizens were injured. KazanClarification of all aspects of the event, especially the reasons for the incident, omissions and faults; It has become a necessity for the victims, their families and our nation.

  1. Who is responsible for opening the high-speed train line between Ankara and Sincan without the signaling system?

  2. When is the signaling system of the High Speed ​​Train Line between Ankara and Sincan awarded? When will it be completed? Is it delayed? Are the allegations that the payments have been made without the completion of the work?

  3. High Speed ​​Train line, without the signaling system in case of opening; Are there any circulars, instructions and regulations for further enhancement of security measures? Has it been applied? If not, what kind of transactions were made about the responsible?

  4. How is communication, referral and administration carried out in sections of the High Speed ​​Train Line that are not signaling systems? If radio and telephone communication is provided; Is it possible to move the train without the mutual confirmation that the road is empty? If it is not possible, what kind of transactions are made about the ones who ordered the movement.

  5. KazanIs the news that the switchman on duty on 13 December 2018, when the incident occurred, was a "temporary officer" and did not have any training, knowledge and experience regarding the new system, is it true? If it is true, what action was taken against the administrators who appointed personnel without seeking qualification, merit and experience?

  6. Is there a single administrator who has resigned from his responsibility by taking responsibility on the subject of train accidents?

  7. Is it possible for the High-Speed ​​Train with high-tech equipment in terms of security not to notice the Guide Train? Isn't it possible for both trains to reduce the severity of braking or collision in such cases?

  8. Are train passengers insured? What is the per capita amount of death, injury, treatment, disability and other collateral?

  9. Will any compensation be paid by the administration to those injured or injured by the families of those who lost their lives in the accident? How much will it be? If a direct payment is not to be made, will the survivor or their relatives be required to obtain their rights by court?

  10. Are there any personnel who have been impeached in the administrative investigation initiated in Ankara? What are the numbers of those included in the investigation?

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