Gaziantep Metropolitan, 336 Mileage has led to reconstruction

gaziantep is a big city 336 mileage road
gaziantep is a big city 336 mileage road

📩 13/12/2018 16:26

In the last 4 year, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, in the scope of road and asphalt works, led to a new reconstruction of 336 kilometers. Aiming to relieve urban transportation, Büyükşehir has attracted attention in the way it has initiated in recent years. President Fatma Şahin, the seat of the Metropolitan Municipality since the new, opened the connection with the city center and provincial districts have been strengthened.

Metropolitan Municipality, which changed the service boundaries of metropolitan municipalities to the provincial borders, expanded its service network with the Metropolitan Law No. 6360. The Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out both the infrastructure and the superstructure works in line with a certain plan, kept the “Road is Civilization ehir approach ahead, and provided urban and urban roads with road and expansion works.

7 day 24 running hours 4 hours to drive service to every point of the city, opened new ways, contributed to the development of the city. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Science Affairs teams, led the construction of 336 kilometers throughout the province, the 2 thousand kilometers road asphalted, 3 million 524 paved a thousand square meters of pavement and keystone.

President Fatma Sahin and his team, in the new period as well as road paving and asphalt work, as well as paving and laying the keystone to lay the work.

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