New CEO of ERC Visited AKH Railway Project

erc visited new ceosu akh project
erc visited new ceosu akh project

The new CEO of ERC, Sentayehu Woldemicheal, and his accompanying ERC Delegation, visited the site accompanied by Erdem Arıoğlu, Deputy Chairman of Yapı Merkezi, Abdullah Kılıç, Regional Manager of East Africa, Erhan Cengiz, Project Manager of AKH Project, and Site Project Management.

During the visit, a cinevision screening with information about all the tunnels in the project was made in the T-09 tunnel, and the last tunnel, which continues to support the excavation of Phase-2, was opened with the participants. Later, the General Store building was passed and a cinevision was shown about the Building Center and the AKH Project, and the project details were explained from the panels.

After the demonstration in the General Store, the Workshop building was passed and the equipment found here was introduced and a train journey was made from the Workshop building to the B-40 bridge. During the train journey, the TPS-06 Transformer building, which was ready for electricity, was stopped and the completed productions were shown.

Arrived at Kombolcha Station, the last stop of the train journey, and the completed productions are shown here.

In the technical meeting following the field visit, the CEO said that he was very satisfied with the progress of the project and the quality of the productions, and that the completion of the project would have great benefits for the development of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian People.



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