EGO Driver Training for Disabled Passengers

ego education
ego education

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of EGO provides training to drivers about how to behave against disabled passengers.

EGO bus drivers continue to receive in-service training. EGO drivers were given both theoretical and hands-on training at the Macunköy Facilities as well as trainings from Public Relations to First Aid and Fire Training, Anger Control to Violence as well as trainings given to many Disabled Persons.


Sümer Çavuşoğlu Boysan, Chairman of the Board of Ankara MS (Multiple Sclerosis), was given training for the bus drivers who served in the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate Bus Department and iletişim behavior and communication “training for the disabled passengers.

EGO General Directorate, which makes all buses used in the city public transportation suitable for disabled use by putting special mechanism elevator and ramp, enables comfortable and safe traveling of disabled passengers.

The trainers are given regular trainings on ve public relations, behavior and impaired psychology ör by the drivers who communicate with passengers on a daily basis.


Sümer Boysan, Chairman of the Ankara MS Society, emphasized that every day 30 is benefiting from the public transportation vehicles of more than one thousand people.

Boysan, who informed the drivers about MS with central nervous system disease, recalled that there were individuals who had to live in a wheelchair dependent on MS patients, and explained the difficulties experienced by the disabled when traveling with public transportation.


Before leaving the homes of people with disabilities in the physical conditions of the outside of them began to think whether the appropriate for the Boysan, said:

In In order for disabled people to be in social life, roads, buildings and public transportation should be made suitable for disabled people. Due to their physical condition, citizens who are forced to live in wheelchairs or crutches have a great role in local governments to travel freely from their homes to their jobs, schools or the places they want to go in the city. The fact that EGO makes its buses suitable for disabled use allows people with disabilities to travel freely without being in need of anyone. E

Expressing that the occupants of EGO also have a social responsibility, Boysan said that drivers should be more patient and understanding towards disabled passengers without forgetting that everyone in the life is actually a disabled candidate.



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