CHP, Parliament Work for the Problems of Railway Staff Wanted

chp wanted a parliamentary investigation for the problems of railroad workers
chp wanted a parliamentary investigation for the problems of railroad workers

CHP Istanbul deputy Zeynel Emre and party deputies, in recent years, the number of accidents in the railroad increased in the number of employees in the proposal for the investigation of problems. In the reason of the proposal; After the train accidents, the issue of modernization of railways has come to the fore, while the problems faced by the main factors in the prevention of accidents are not taken into consideration. There were many problems ranging from discrimination to work and the increase in workload.

CHP deputies in his research proposal to the Presidency of the Parliament Speaking said:

The railway symbol of the Republic was neglected for many years

When we look at the development of railways in our country, the last period of 1800 stands out. At that time, more railways prepared with infrastructure services, consisting of German engineer, he has prevailed as a network for the entire country since the Republic's early years and provide transport by rail as soon as possible to Turkey's many regions the opportunity is seized. The world is in an economic crisis II. After World War II, under the influence of 1950-2000, especially by foreign countries, the state has intensified its investments on highways, completely neglecting the railways. In the first years of the Republic, 42 and 68 freight share, which is 2 and 8, decreased to XNUMX and XNUMX.

Railway workers are struggling with problems, accidents are increasing!

The importance of highways in transportation and transportation has caused the problems of railroad and railway workers to increase day by day. The release of 2013 rail transport in 6461; privatization of rail services, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), Transport Joint Stock Company envisages an institution created with the name of the trio that also included restructuring carried hand the negative consequences caused by legal regulations have been added. 2003 35.853 2016 28.146 2017 17.747 5 1 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX person's work has been started by XNUMX people over time; this situation also revealed unregulated work. Whilst it is unclear where and where it is responsible, scissors in many warehouses have begun to be made to workers' mechanics. Due to the expiration of the monthly working hours of the laborers, the workload remains to the civilian mechanics and this leads to fatigue and wear on the personnel. Railways; the personnel working in the title of, maneuverer adan, ort maneuver ği and ği guard in were merged into a single unit under the name of in Train Authority Officer “. Railway workers, who are inevitably exposed to high voltage lines and noise, are faced with other occupational accidents, such as being trapped in cars, crushing, limb loss. The fact that the road guard, who is obliged to visit a certain kilometer route for a day, has been terminated; forcing retirement; Other problems are the fact that workers and train workers are deprived of night and shift compensation. The transfer of some of the services carried out by TCDD's own staff to a subcontractor until a period of time has led to widespread employment policy with minimum wage devoid of union rights. Discrimination against women workers is still continuing in the institution; women in many positions, especially in mechanics, 'none' are so few.

Problems can only come up after accidents

These problems can only be on the agenda of the public after the train accidents where many of our citizens died. The most recent train wreck will be remembered on 8 July 2018 - Uzunköprü-Halkalı Xnumx wagon with 6 wagon 5 wrecked the 25 wagon, 328 was killed and XNUMX was injured. The problems experienced in the modernization of our railways after accidents are primarily on the agenda, while the heavy working conditions faced by the railway personnel are avoided. In this context, it would be appropriate to open a parliamentary survey to address the problems of railway workers and to solve these problems.

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