Transportation Constitution of Bursa is in effect in January

bursanin constitution of the Republic of Turkey in January 1
bursanin constitution of the Republic of Turkey in January 1

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas, along with the district of Bursa 17 as a whole to ensure that the transportation problems of the Transportation Master Plan will come to the Metropolitan Municipality Council in January, after the approval will enter into implementation, he said.

The first session of the Metropolitan Municipality Council was held in December, under the chairmanship of President Alinur Aktaş. In the session where the provisions of the Assembly were discussed; Issues such as the measures taken against the earthquake in Bursa, the main transportation plan and the transformation of Doğanbey TOKİ houses have been raised.

Mayor Alinur Aktas, in his statement, said that the Transportation Master Plan, which will be the transportation constitution of Bursa and will eliminate the traffic shortages in the short-medium-long term, will take effect in January. The first of the most important 3 problem in Bursa, the transportation is the first, '' as a result of the surveys' clearly noted that the President Aktas, as soon as the task they took up the issue and to eliminate the problems of the city's traffic, the Master Plan of Transportation said they prepared. In the short, medium and long term plan of the rail system section of the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments for approval, saying that the President Aktas, after the decision to be given to the public in Bursa will explain the planning of rail systems.

“We are entering the last level“

In the Transport Master Plan, they consider Bursa as a whole, together with the city center, planning for the whole of the 17 district, adding that the city does not consist of only Osmangazi, Yıldırım and Nilüfer, and that 17 predicts a perfect synergy with the district. Mayor Aktaş said, düz Hopefully, we enter the last plain in transportation. Without the approval of the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments, no rail system project can be put into effect. We have come to the present day because the Ministry approval is delayed. I think that the decision will be made soon and we will have the privilege of bringing our transportation work to life and freeing the residents from this trouble. San Stressing that they are aiming for uninterrupted city traffic, they want to raise the current bar higher, President Aktaş said, ıl In January we will have a special session in the Parliament only for the Main Transportation Plan. In this session we will discuss the items one by one with details. We are in trouble to bring the bar to the upper levels, Ç he said.

“We are moving with the truth of the earthquake“

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, in his speech, touched on the measures taken in Bursa about the earthquake. He said that Marmara Region is a dangerous area and Bursa is among the main arteries of the region. He also said that they want to put forth effective and fast solutions to minimize the damages of this disaster which caused social wounds. Stressing the importance of improving the building stock in Bursa and building new buildings in accordance with the earthquake regulation, Aktaş said ar Bursa is moving with the fact of earthquake. I can say that. We're supposed to be about the transformation. As far as expanding the city, we have an obligation to update the current situation. We are planning to grow with construction and construction. We also work to improve the existing building stock Aynı.

The solution in Doganbey

Chairman Aktas, Doganbey TOKI said the issue in his statement. Doganbey TOKİ residents and the residents of the region has repeatedly met about the transformation of buildings, emphasizing that the President Aktas emphasized that, ve Doganbey, in the middle of the city, so that the 2 bin 730 citizens are alive in the middle of the city. We are not here to work without compromise. It is necessary to update the stock and eliminate the problems and needs. I mean it. We will implement the transformation of Doğanbey with our people there. Doğan

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