High Disappointment in Bursa


This year 8 million passengers will be transported by high-speed train, but this service will continue to be deprived of Bursa.

high-speed rail transportation of Turkey's most important breakthrough is made in Bursa, that one can go to the 7 minutes Akdeniz Airport.
Great convenience, but Muhteşem
The project, which should have been in service for 2 years ago in Bursa, has been extended due to land-based technical problems and the practical application of the tender.
And now Şimdi
Date is given to 2021.
If the political will and the well-known social reflex of Bursa provided the power and clamping in the best way, longing would not last.
Neither the government's solution partner MHP nor the main opposition CHP, the local demand and pressure for local domination has not taken place.
The use of airline associations, thought, expectations and energies to the airline also overshadowed the high-speed train process.
By high-speed train Yüksek
Last year, the number of 7.2 million passengers is reached, the end of this year the 2018 8 million passengers are estimated for the year.
With current lines Mevcut
Ankara-Eskişehir between the high-speed train network, 2009'da Ankara-Konya, 2011'de Eskişehir-Konya and 2013 years ago Ankara-Eskişehir-Istanbul and Konya-Istanbul lines between the joined.
With the latest situation Son
While there are still a thousand 213 high-speed train lines, there is no Bursa in such a network.
With the opening of Ankara-Izmir and Ankara-Sivas lines, it will be connected with Istanbul in the north and east and west of the country.
All these rail network and near term targets, including cities and transported passengers, do not have Bursa.
Of course…
Among the 8 million passengers transported by high-speed trains, there are people from Bursa who go to Ankara via Eskişehir.
Even though Eskişehir is transportable, it is an urban sadness and frustration for the people of Bursa who cannot take the high speed train kır

Source: Serkan İNCEOĞLU - I www.bursa.co

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