Bursa T2 Line Has a Chance to Switch from Tram to HRS

bursa t2 has a chance of passing from tram
bursa t2 has a chance of passing from tram

Since the project phase of the line between the City Square and Terminal, the experts have been offering underground rail and underground light rail (HRS) proposals.

In the project with a total length of 9,4 kilometers and 11 stations, the construction stopped and the renewal of the tender came to the agenda, and this time, one of the wise people of Bursa, Metropolitan Mayor Erdem Saker repeated the proposal.

In yesterday's article, I told Saker's suggestion and stated that the project, which has been wrong from the beginning, turned into an HRS project. Saker said, 'If there is no conversion, the capacity will not be enough and the money spent will be wasted shortly after it is put into operation as a tram.'

On the text, evaluations were made to support Saker's suggestion, one of the experts of the subject.

A technocrat who follows the project closely from the first day, emphasizing that the current system is not different from the light rail system, said that the tram's passenger capacity and operating speed are the same.
So, 'Is it easy to return to HRS?' we asked…

She replied:
The only difference is that the HRS are high-based. Trams are low. The purpose of this is to ensure that the vehicles coming from the Terminal direction are connected to the existing T1 line. In other words, some vehicles will connect to the old line and make a sculpture tour. If you want to convert it to HRS, the only expense for manufacturing will be to upgrade the platforms at the stations. Since transformers and electronic control system have not been made yet, the conversion can be achieved easily.

While starting the project, 12 tram orders were placed. These are complete. Some of them continue to work on the old line. These are the kind of vehicles that can be sold easily if there is an excess. Because it was made according to European standards. Also, there may be no need to sell it. Because it can be evaluated for new tram lines in the Transportation Master Plan.

Experts say so.
The period given by the Metropolitan Municipality to the contractor will expire on January 19 and the line will be renewed. Let's see in which direction will the choice of city managers be?

Source: Namık Göz - www.bursahakimiyet.com.t is



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