Moscow Expedition to Moscow Machinery Industry

bursa machine sektorunden moscow expedition
bursa machine sektorunden moscow expedition

The members of the Machinery Industry International Competitiveness Development (UR-GE) Project, carried out under the leadership of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), conducted bilateral business meetings in Moscow.

With the Global Fair Agency Project, 6.000 has introduced the 160 to the foreign program. BTSO has succeeded in bringing 20 more than a thousand foreign buyers to Bursa with its Commercial Safari Project and continues the UR-GE Projects carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce. To improve the competitiveness of the sector in Bursa, Turkey, which is one of the leading cities in the machinery industry implemented in machinery exports UR-D Project expedition was the last stop in Moscow.


Industry representatives established important business contacts with Russian business representatives in the bilateral business meeting held in the Russian capital. The delegation of the BTSO was the guest of Marina Fedorova, Vice-President of the Machinery Manufacturers Association of Russia. During the meeting, commercial cooperation and investment opportunities between the two countries were discussed. UR-GE members also met with representatives of Ant Yapı, which operates in Russia.


BTSO Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Cüneyt Şener, BTSO as members of the global arena in order to grow their business in the realization of important projects, said that the number of companies with 14 UR-GE projects, emphasized that increased exports. Şener, who stated that they pioneered the opening of the sectors to the world with the institutionalization studies and foreign promotion activities within the scope of UR-GE, emphasized that Bursa has gained new exporter over 5 over the last 1.000 years with the contribution of BTSO's foreign trade projects. Cüneyt Şener said, C We need to focus on export for Bursa to achieve new successes. Turkey's most UR-GE business trips abroad made by the BCCI conducts Project, makes a significant contribution to the city's foreign trade volume. In addition to 75 government support, our Chamber supports the project participants. We aim to make the representatives of Bursa business world benefit more from these opportunities. Bursa


B2B participating in the organization of the sector representatives Levent Bilek, the Russian program was very efficient. Russia has made significant investments in the automotive industry; Bilek stated that the Russian market has important opportunities for the firms in Bursa. Iğ The two countries need each other at the trade point. 15 have been working with Russia for years. In particular, serious investments are made in the country related to the automotive industry. We see that many automobile factories have been established. 2-3 process in Turkey in the coming years should focus on the Russian market. We are aiming to establish new trade bridges between the Russian business world and Bursa, which have made significant investments in the field of industry. Sanayi



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