BTSO, 1 Brings Foreign Business People Close to 1.600 Monthly to Bursa

btso 1 brings 1 600e close to foreign companies
btso 1 brings 1 600e close to foreign companies

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) developed projects to increase the export of Bursa firms, 1 4 separate signature delegation program was signed per month. Within the scope of UR-GE Projects for Textile, Chemical, Food, Aerospace, Aerospace, Defense, Rail and Machinery, the business people of 1600 met at the cooperation table with the firms from Bursa.

Within the scope of the Global Fair Agency Project, 6 has introduced over a thousand business representatives to the 160 international business program; Under the Commercial Safari Project, BTSO brings together 100 bin buyers from the country close to 20 with the companies of Bursa and continues to add power to the export move of the sectors. BTSO, which contributed to the export of the city to 14 billion dollars with the projects to increase the foreign trade of Bursa, signed a series of procurement delegations in November and December.


Bursa Textile Show, which was organized for the first time this year under the leadership of BTSO, was held at Merinos AKKM between 14-16 November. 50 foreign company representatives from 350 countries participated in the procurement committee of the Textile and Garment Fabric UR-GE Project which BTSO carried out with the support of the Ministry of Commerce. 90 near the company's booth was opened at the end of the 5 thousand business meetings took place. The fair provided the basis for the formation of important collaborations.


Under the leadership of BTSO, food sector representatives continued to strengthen their exports under the name of kurumsal Bursa Food Point Food corporate identity. BTSO, which has previously signed a separate procurement committee with 3 for Food UR-GE Project, introduced 27 business people from 1 to Qatar companies between 33 and 160 December. Bursa food manufacturers 4. 1.000 was interviewed on the recruitment board.


One of the 15 UR-GE projects carried out by BTSO, within the scope of the Chemistry UR-GE Project, organized a recruitment committee program in December. More than 70 foreign business people participated in the purchasing committee held in BUTEKOM. In order to strengthen the export and competitiveness of the sector, 2 companies participated in the procurement committee of many B25B organizations abroad.


Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which signed the procurement committee program with the widest participation in the history of Bursa, organized a new purchasing committee within the scope of the Summit this year. Within the scope of Space-Aviation and Defense, Machinery and Rail Systems UR-GE Projects, important foreign buyers participated in B2B organization. With the contribution of TÜYAP Bursa Fuarcılık A.Ş.'s overseas offices, within the scope of the Industry Summit, the foreign businessmen close to 1.000 met with Bursa firms.


BTSO Chairman Ibrahim Burkay noted that they aimed at the growth of Bursa's economy based on foreign trade and said that they have realized important projects in the last 5 year in order to create this structure. Noting that the commercial safari project is one of these important projects, President Burkay, companies in order to create new business opportunities in different sectors, so far 30 has issued a program of purchase delegation gave information. Burkay, abil In order to increase the export of our companies, to ensure the worldwide recognition and to reach new markets, we have enabled our members to have one-to-one meetings with our members by bringing 100 to more than a thousand companies and corporate representatives in 20 from our country. “


İbrahim Burkay gained an important momentum with the purchasing delegation groups that came within the scope of the Commercial Safari project of the fair organizations held in Bursa. kazanHe also pointed out that this year, he said: “We hosted 7.000 foreign business people in Bursa with the organizations we organized in cooperation with TÜYAP Bursa only this year. Thanks to these efforts, our fairs have become much more efficient. In the new period, we will continue to contribute to the trade of our companies participating in our fairs with our procurement committee organizations.” Stating that they brought together the purchasing committee groups with companies operating in important centers such as BUTTİM and Vişne Caddesi, where the heart of the city's trade beats, Chairman Burkay said that the companies in these centers also strengthened their exports and brand values. Burkay also stated that foreign buyers coming to the city make significant contributions to the tourism and bazaar economy.


Stating that many companies have established new business contacts thanks to the procurement committee programs, İbrahim Burkay said that the companies' self-confidence thanks to the work done. kazandrew attention to their Noting that they enabled BTSO members to reach a much stronger position in the international arena, Burkay said, “In the last 4 years, our city has 1.000 new exporting companies. kazanThe fact that we achieved the highest annual export performance in our history with an export figure exceeding 14 billion dollars last year are the most important indicators of the success of our efforts. As BTSO, we will continue to contribute to our country's export targets at the highest level. " said.

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