BTS's stern response to the minister's words "it's not impossible without signaling"


Nine lives costing the tragedy in Ankara, 'signalization is not necessary,' he told the Minister, hard response from the union came.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, the previous day in Ankara, and the 9 person lost his life about the train accident workers' representatives of the statement came in a harsh response.

Turhan, the accident yok The signalization did not crash the reviews were wrong. Signaling is not a must, değil he said. Turhan, a journalist, üzerine These trains had signalisation system de on the question is This question is not a question. Signalization systems are a system found on railway lines Sinyal.

They also know
Hasan Bektaş, President of the United Transport Employees Union (BTS), who evaluates the developments in our newspaper, said that with this mentality, more lives will be lost, saying, “Signalization is not a must”, and the Minister said that it was for them. In fact, they also know very well that there should be signalization on high-speed train lines. ” Underlining that signaling is indispensable in YHTs, Bektaş explains that there are also lines without signaling within TCDD, but they have been organized in this way for 10 years and that traffic is made by phone, “But YHTs are definitely not like that. In fact, this is the case, and those who run these institutions know it. When this line was asked to open before completion, if the manager said no, he would most likely find himself at the door. On April 12, they made a glorious opening in Eryaman before the line was completed and the signaling system was not finished. We refused to participate as employees. Because this opening was to invite an accident. It is a chance that it has not been up to now. ”


Unless the current mind is changed, unfortunately, more accidents and deaths will be expressed in the Bektas, Kar 2002'de General Manager in the period of Süleyman Karaman, even before an accident occurred in 2004 Pamukova'da 41 person died. Then 2008 accident in Kütahya was still cost 9. 37 injured. Then he was rewarded by being a deputy of Karaman Sonra. Reminding that three employees were taken into custody, Bektas stated that as long as political pressures continue to institutions such as TCDD, such accidents will not end as long as politicians are preferred.


Ankara University Faculty of Science Faculty Member who died in the accident. Dr. A ceremony was held at the University of Ankara yesterday and a funeral ceremony was held at the Kocatepe Mosque. At the funeral of Albayrak, Minister Turhan, as well as CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, Ankara University Rector Erkan İbiş, Albayrak's daughters Hazal and İzel, students and friends attended. At the ceremony, Albayrak's daughters Hazal and İzel kissed their father's coffin wrapped in a Turkish flag. Speaking at the ceremony Dr. Erkan İbiş stated that some deaths caused more pain and sadness. Ğ Especially when yesterday's mental, incredible, neglect chains are losing their lives as a result of a brutality that we call accident, it is more painful, Er he said. Albayrak's wife also died two years ago as a result of cancer saying İbiş, "the two children Hazal and Izel'e will stand," he said.

The funeral of Doctor Tahsin Ertaş (48) and Ebru Erdem Ersan (38) and Kübra Yılmaz (27) Karşıyaka While he was buried in the cemetery, the engineer Adem Yaşar, who had 4 and 9 children at the age of 2, was sent off on his last journey at Çankırı Şabanözü. Machinist Hulisi Böler's (34) funeral in his hometown of Tokat Pazar district, the funeral of one of the passengers Yusuf Orphan was buried in his hometown Şanlıurfa Karaköprü. Machinist Kadir Ünal (49) was sent off on his last journey after the ceremony in Ankara.

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