Special Reconstruction of the Gas Station for the Victims of the Eurasian Tunnel

special zoning arrangement for the eurasian tuneli magduru gas station
special zoning arrangement for the eurasian tuneli magduru gas station

📩 16/12/2018 11:19

The Eurasia Tunnel in Istanbul, which turned out to have damaged the state for millions of dollars because the transition guarantee target could not be reached, KadıköyIMM came to the rescue when he damaged a gas station in Istanbul. For the gas station whose contact with E-5 was cut off due to the tunnel, IMM changed the zoning plans and canceled the gas station. The construction and population density in the region has been increased by giving the function of “housing and commerce” instead of the gas station.

According to the news of Özlem GÜVEMLİ from SÖZCÜ, Kadıköy The zoning status of the 13 thousand 705 square meter parcel with gas station on Koşuyolu was changed controversially in the December session of the IMM Assembly. The reason for the plan change was explained as the victimization created by the Eurasia Tunnel in the commission report regarding the cancellation of the fuel station in the 2 thousand square meter section of the parcel. In the report, it was stated that the 5 square meter area to the north of the parcel was expropriated due to the presence of Zeynep Kamil Junction on E-130 at the point where the Eurasia Tunnel came to the surface. It was argued that the owner of the parcel was victimized both through expropriations and the Eurasia Tunnel project, due to the arrangement of the tunnel at the exit point of the tunnel, and the connection of the fuel station to the E-5 highway. It was stated that it is not possible to operate the fuel station in the parcel efficiently. In the north of the parcel without the knowledge of the owner, the part allocated as trade was transformed into a green area, but the expropriation fee was not paid, so changes were made in the plan.


In the proposal, the fuel station function in the parcel was canceled and the residential and commercial area was declared. Stream protection band, parking area and sports area functions in the plan have been preserved. In the general evaluation regarding the plan change, it was stated that the population and structure density was increased by proposing the housing + trade function that is not included in the regional plan functions. The Green Areas and Facilities Construction Directorate noted that the green area to serve the population to be brought to the area was not allocated, which is against the Spatial Plans Construction Regulation. The Transportation Planning Directorate requested that the change in parcel level be evaluated within the scope of regional plans in terms of structuring conditions. The Reconstruction and Public Works Commission added two notes to the plan. He found it appropriate to arrange the area shown as a sports area with underground notes as underground parking. He also made arrangements for the waiver of lawsuits filed or may be filed to the public. The amendment was accepted by majority vote.


Mesut Kösedağı, the CHP member of the IMM Assembly, Mesut Kösedağı, who opposed the plan said, “İBB solved all the problems of Istanbul and came to solve the problems of the victims from the Eurasia Tunnel. We correct him as the citizen's degraded assembly. We also know that Ege Yapı İnşaat has been interested in this land for a long time. ” Köseadağı also criticized the addition of a plan note regarding the waiver of cases in the plan note. Yüksel Akyol, Chairman of the Reconstruction and Public Works Commission, who responded to the criticism, said, “We solve the problem of citizens who have been victimized by the tunnel we opened. We also put this plan note to prevent the citizen from suing. "It has been restored to the old plan."

Source : www.sozcu.com.tr

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