Apaydın said "Trains are followed instantly"

apaydin trains
apaydin trains

While the authorities refrained from making a clear statement about the causes of the YHT disaster in Ankara, the first information kazanIt was revealed that, as in Çorlu, it was caused by negligence. TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın A week ago, he made “ambitious“ statements at the KIT Commission, arguing that for the infrastructure and maintenance this year 7.5 had been allocated a billion pounds of resources, and ve instant follow-up ve regarding the activities of trains.

The Parliamentary Commission of the Parliament, 6, examined the accounts of TCDD General Directorate in December. TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınThe opposition deputies faced persistent questions about the reasons of the train crash in Corlu and the problems of infrastructure.

Apaydın said that in the last 15 year 60.7 invested a billion pounds for infrastructure and maintenance operations. Apaydin, the 2018 year for 7.5 billion lira will spend all of the year until the end, he said.

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