Contactless Card Period in Ankara Transportation

contactless card sleeve
contactless card sleeve

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna, not only to the capital city of Ankara, but also to the local and foreign tourists to the new gospel of care has been given.

President Tuna, EGO General Manager Balamir Gündoğdu, E-Kent General Manager Ceyhun Kazancı and MasterCard General Manager Yiğit Çağlayan attended the introductory meeting.

President Tuna has announced that all non-contact credit cards and debit cards will be used in EGO buses and private public transport vehicles including rail systems (Ankaray and Metro) and 1 January 2019.


President Tuna stated that they have implemented the services that facilitate the lives of the capitalists by following the technological developments closely since its inauguration and said an With this application, we aimed to contribute to the capital tourism Göre and said:

Uk After the uninterrupted and 24 hours of uninterrupted access, we introduced the only card application in the capital to our citizens. Now we are implementing this new application to contribute to the capital tourism. Not only the citizens of the capital city, but also our foreign and foreign guests will need to travel without a contact card or debit card without having to buy ANKARAKART. The passengers who will benefit from the transportation service in the capital will be able to use public transportation by paying 3 TL on a single ride. The application will be valid for all public transport vehicles with validator devices. Uygulama


, Smart City Ankara büyük motto to facilitate life in the capital and the application they want to bring together a citizen to draw attention to the application of President Tuna, dikkat In Ankara, contactless credit cards can be used with public transport vehicles will provide great convenience for our citizens. I would like to thank the General Directorate of EGO and the stakeholders of the project. I am very pleased to see our capital in the foreground in the application of smart cities. Başkent

President Tuna stated that public transport payments in many countries of the world were made with contactless credit cards, and they stated that they aimed to keep the comfort of the citizens at a high level with the works done:

Eye In the capital, public transport is moving to a whole new level. Thanks to this application, Ankara residents will be able to use this payment system in case they do not have the opportunity to fill their Ankarakart in a busy city life. card in other cities with pockets of strangeness pull system in the cities they visit cardholders who will travel with the spread of this system in Turkey will benefit from all public transport. "


President Tuna stated that they have started the test studies on the use of credit cards in public transportation vehicles. E-Kent General Manager Ceyhun Kazancı, who spoke at the protocol signing ceremony, commented, Müdür I would like to thank to President Tuna for his support in bringing the possibilities of technology to our citizens Protok.

EGO General Manager Balamir Gündoğdu and Ankara Public Bus Cooperative Chairman Kurtuluş Kara also tested and tested the credit card application.



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