CHP Special: "7.9 Billion TL Loss Damaged in Highway and Bridge Tenders"

XIUM 7 has lost £ 1 billion
XIUM 7 has lost £ 1 billion

CHP Group Deputy Chairman Özgür Özel made a research proposal for TL 7,9 billion of public loss on highway and bridge tenders held with the Build-Operate-Transfer model.

The research proposal by CHP Özgür Özel about the Build-Operate-Transfer model is as follows:

The Build-Operate-Transfer model has been developed as a special financing model for the realization of some investments and services that are carried out by public institutions and organizations based on a law issued in 1994, which require advanced technology or high financial resources. This model means that the price of the investment is paid to the capital company or to the foreign company by the purchase of goods or services produced by the company during the period of operation of the company.

2017 year audit reports of public institutions prepared by the Court of Accounts contain the findings that the public is seriously damaged in contracts with the Build-Operate-Transfer model.

2017 report of General Directorate of Highways, Ankara-Niğde Highway, Menemen-Aliağa-Çandırlı Motorway, North Marmara Motorway, Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Motorway and Çanakkale Bridge construction work, including the 5 separate project, although the implementation of the contracts in the 180 day to enter into force 180 is exceeded with the defect of the companies in charge, whereas the companies are not imposed sanctions in the contracts.

These tenders, which were seriously damaged by the public, were taken over by the public sector, which were favored by the Justice and Development Party (AKP), and were once again proved by the fact that the power was not favored by the authorities themselves, even though they were against the public.

IC İçtaş, Astaldi, Kalyon Joint Venture Group awarded the Menemen-Aliağa-Çandarlı Motorway tender, ERG-Seza Joint Venture Group awarded the Ankara-Niğde Motorway tender, Limak-Kolin Joint Venture Group awarded the Northern Marmara Motorway tender, Kolin-Kolin- Kalyon Joint Venture Group awarded the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway Tender to Nurol-Özaltın-Makyol-Astaldi-Yüksel-Göçay Construction Consortium, and the Çanakkale Bridge tender to Daelim-Limak-SK-Yapı Merkezi Joint Venture Group kazanis gone. It is also known that these companies have won many public tenders in different fields.

Bidding kazanWhile the companies were requesting additional time, they cited the difficulties experienced in finding foreign financing and the malicious downgrade of Turkey by international credit institutions, and this additional time was given to them by the administration.

These demands, which are completely ambiguous as emphasized in the TCA report, have been given positive response and companies have been granted the right to operate in different periods.

The administration is deprived of 180 days of additional time. kazanç, 78 million 390 thousand Euros for the Ankara-Niğde Highway, 23 million 121 thousand Euros for the Menemen-Aliağa-Çandarlı Highway, 153 million 409 thousand 545 Euros for the Çanakkale Bridge, 323 million 870 thousand 400 dollars for the Northern Marmara Highway, Gebze- For the Orhangazi-İzmir Highway, it is calculated as 4 billion 671 million 742 thousand 503,28 TL.

As a result of the favorable policies of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and its supporters towards the supporters of the Party, only a public loss occurred in the amount of 7 billion 925 million 426 thousand 509,63 in the motorway and bridge tenders by the General Directorate of Highways.

In order to prevent the public losses arising from the company's defects from the companies due to the exclusion of the legislation in the Build-Operate-Transfer contracts from the companies, to initiate a satisfactory administrative investigation process for the part of the public institutions, We propose and propose the establishment of a Parliamentary Research Commission in accordance with the 98 of the Constitution and the 104 and 105 Articles of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey in order to take measures to ensure that the ministers and prime ministers are responsible for the resulting public damage.

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