Why was moving to Istanbul Airport postponed?

Why is the transportation to Istanbul airport postponed
Why is the transportation to Istanbul airport postponed

2 I wrote a week ago, the postponement of Istanbul Airport at the end of the postponement of the move may be on the agenda and the decision to postpone the decision to postpone I wrote.

As a matter of fact, I have written that opening 29 will be done in October and there will not be any postponement in the opening a few months ago ına

This; I'm saying to open some details, not to say I said.

29 Istanbul Airport started to serve two days after the grand opening in October. THY continues to perform its expeditions here. Istanbul Airport is currently departing from 8. This will increase in the coming days. The flights are going well for the time being, there were no problems.

When Istanbul Airport is fully operational, it will really be an incredible challenge. It will be one of the world's busiest airports and one of the largest in the world.

So why was the airport being postponed?

Here is the bam of work İşte

If we look at the event through a large window; Not the transportation of the airport, it was a mistake to determine the short-term calendar.

You ask why?

  1. Airport tender deadline: May 2013

Location delivery and start of construction: May 2015

So; 3 year before the opening date açıl

Istanbul Airport 1.3 will be a square with a capacity of 1 million square meters, 200 million passenger capacity, 6 track, 500 aircraft parking capacity, 16 taxi road and 280 passenger bridge capacity. Was it possible for such a square to be built at a time like 3? Let's add a challenging terrain conditions Üst

The first stage of the stage will be opened, maybe 1. To serve with the stage; this meant a complete transport of Atatürk Airport. In fact, it was not possible to enter the service in such a short period of time. As I said above, it was not a matter of delaying the error, it was the promise of opening and moving to recent history.

How was the decision to move away?

Several serious trials were carried out at the Istanbul Airport. Check that the system can remove it.

For example, a test was carried out with the latest 13 bin baggage. At the same time 13 thousand baggage loading was done and all operations were checked. The system removed it; 13 bin baggage at the same time sent any problems. But here is a detail; All of the staff at the time of the shooting were working at the time. So the 2-3 solid staff of the staff that normally should have been there. I do not know whether this is done by increasing the number of staff, his planning is done, but the test was passed like this.

At least the system did not have a problem, if the staff issues in the matter seems to be a problem.

But rightly THY management did not fully agree to relocate. Because there are sections that are not opened at the airport, where the staff will be deployed are not fully ready, the rooms are not ideal in offices ler

There is no problem in the apron, but the terminal and units are not in a position to remove this move.

Seeing this, THY reported that it did not approve the move to IGA management. Because Turkish Airlines is looking at itself and cannot fully serve its passengers. In fact, it reports to the highest authorities.

In other words, the topic of Yani how we do. Was discussed at the meeting held last week. NOT! THY had already told the authorities that they could not relocate because at the beginning of January Çünkü

If you notice, there is no date in the Ministry's statement. 1 It is said that transportation will accelerate from January. I mean, it's planned to finish in March, but it doesn't seem to date anymore. Because the date is given and approached to that date 'again postponed' rumors are not asked to come out. No more work; 'THY can go as we are ready' looking at the situation. It seems that the requirements of Turkish Airlines will be created.

As I said at the beginning of the article; The error was not deferred, but the calendar was compressed. What is going to happen now is the formation of terminal conditions that will not fail. It would be March, April happens, May happens. Believe it, it doesn't matter.

If you swim and come to the tail now 'let's go immediately' or 'ready bride' to say good is not a mistake. Because; a disruption to Istanbul airport means both local and international embarrassment. Nobody wants this Bunu

It would be ideal to stop date and wait to be ready Tarih (Airporthab is)



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