TÜVASAŞ Will Receive 43 Engineers for the 'National Train Project'

Tuvasas National Train Project for 43 Engineers
Tuvasas National Train Project for 43 Engineers

Within the framework of the Examination and Appointment Regulation on Engineers to be Employed in the National Train Project of TÜVASAŞ General Directorate, Engineers will be recruited under contract status subject to Decree No. 399. The quota and qualifications of the personnel to be employed according to the results of the Written and Oral Examination are as follows. www.tuvasas.gov.t is It will be made from the internet address and there will be no written notification. In all stages, the transactions of the candidates who do not meet the requirements will be canceled. The nominations will be made if the candidates who are qualified for the appointment will have a positive result.

1-399 7-2-4639-4611- Higher or higher education institutions approved by the Council of Higher Education as of the date of application of the faculties or equivalents of Mechanical Engineering (code: 4703), Electrical and Electronics Engineering (code: 4691) , Industrial Engineering (code: 4561), Metallurgical-Materials Engineering (code: 4531), Chemical Engineering (code: 4), Computer Engineering (code: 2018) to graduate from the department, 3-70 as a result of the Public Personnel Selection Examination KPSS P5 to have at least 5 (Seventy) points on the score type, 6- By the deadline, XNUMX will be certified to have at least C level knowledge of the YDS and E-YDS exams in the last year, or by the Assessment, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM). in terms of language proficiency, it is considered as equivalent and international validity. i have the equivalent score from another exam found. xNUMX-The examination fee of the amount mentioned below is deposited and documented.

Candidates wishing to participate in the 1-Entrance Exam shall attach the following documents to the application form to be obtained from the Personnel Department of TÜVASAŞ General Directorate or from the General Directorate's website (www.tuvasas.gov.tr);
a) The original or certified copy of the diploma or graduation certificate (original or certified copy of the diploma equivalency certificate for those who have completed their education abroad),
b) Computer output of KPSS result document,
c) The document indicating the level of foreign language knowledge,
d) Curriculum vitae,
e) 3 pieces of passport photographs (taken within the last three months).
f) Application Form (Photographed and signed)
g) Bank receipt showing the exam fee

1- Examination applications will start on the day following the publication of the announcement of the exam in the Official Gazette and will end at the end of the 21.12.2018 date (17.00).

2- Provided that candidates who want to take the entrance exam meet the above-mentioned conditions; "Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. General Directorate of National Sovereignty Caddesi No: 131 Adapazari / Sakarya / TURKEY "from the Company or from the internet address (www.tuvasas.gov.t isand complete the “Application Form. which they will provide.

3- output of the application form signed by the candidate along with other required documents to apply for the date of the end of overtime to 21.12.2018 (17.00) must be delivered up in person or by mail to the address above.

4-Candidates who will apply for the exam will pay an exam fee of 21.12.2018 TL to Vakıflar Bank Adapazarı Branch TR17 00 92 0001 5001 5800 7265 İBAN until 4647. Candidates will state “Name, Surname, TR Identity Number, Name of the Exam” in the explanation section.

5- Candidates whose application is invalid and candidates who are not eligible to take the written examination as a result of the evaluation of the applications will be refunded.

6- Applications that do not meet the requirements stated in the announcement shall not be processed with the applications not submitted to our General Directorate within the period due to delays or other reasons.

7-Documents must be submitted to TÜVASAŞ General Directorate by the deadline. These documents may be approved by the Head Office Personnel Office provided that the original documents are submitted.

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