Industry 4.0 Training Seminar Held in Kardemir

The training seminar was organized at the Kardamir Industrial 4 0
The training seminar was organized at the Kardamir Industrial 4 0

Within the scope of the training activities carried out to increase the knowledge and competencies of the employees in Kardemir, an Industry 4.0 training seminar was held.

Kardemir Educational Cultural Center organized the seminar ION Academy founder and former executive of Siemens Turkey, Ali Rıza Ersoy participated as a speaker.

Cardemir Board Member H. Çağrı Güleç, Deputy Director General Mansur Yeke, CFO M. Furkan Ünal, Sales Marketing Coordinator Reyhan Özkara and 500 employees including chief managers, chief engineers, engineers and workers The seminar focused on the digitalization process in the world, together with the Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution.

The seminar started with the opening speech of M. Furkan Ünal, CFO, CFO. Stating that Kardemir continued to grow with the investments implemented, Unal noted that the transformation process called 4.0 was experienced in all sectors and Kardemir could not be behind the digital transformation process all over the world. Unal said that the training seminar will serve this purpose and asked all employees to adapt to this transformation process.

”Industry 4.0 is not a threat but an opportunity“

Ali Rıza ERSOY, the founder of ION Academy, pointed out the importance of 4.0 for all sectors and the future of the world in his presentation. Industrialization in the world with the introduction of water vapor at the end of the year 1800'lerinin, followed by electricity production and mass production of industrial products have become accessible to humanity, since the 1970'lerini electronics and automation began in the era of automation reminding Ersoy men actually everything here however, a new threat appeared along with the automation era. This threat was to go through the industrial production of the western production of the east. For the first time in the history of industry, the west began to lose its kingdom to the east. Therefore, the first thing we should remember when we heard about Industry 4.0 was a büyük very big threat Bu. But it was not possible for us to accept this in western countries. Ama

Ali Rıza Ersoy stated that the Western countries focused on three issues in the face of this threat from the east. The first one is to accelerate the innovative processes; noted. Ali Rıza ERSOY, the founder of ION Academy stated that the world has the necessary technologies to produce much cheaper and more than the eastern countries and that it would be possible to pull the muscle power out of the system.

Ç Two miracles happen when you pull the human out of the system. Because now the system works as perfectly as it did in the past, because the main element that makes mistakes is people. If we think that 9 from every ten traffic accidents is human, it turns out that there is nothing to discuss here. The second miracle is that the system is cheaper than it was in the past. Because it's expensive. For the first time, 2011 concept was introduced in 4.0. In 2012, Germany started to work on this issue. In the 2013 year, Germany produced the road map for the industry 4.0. Because Germany noticed the wave coming from the bottom. Because it was a situation that could affect the whole country. In Turkey the first few centuries of the industrial revolution, the year 150 the second industrial revolution, we may have missed the third industrial revolution 30-40 years. But we no longer have the chance to miss Industry 4.0. Today we know very well that Turkey will miss this revolution "

In the 2020 year, 40 Billion objects will be connected to the Internet, IP numbers will be used in the future instead of the TC ID numbers, 2010-2020 50 is expected to increase between the years of human data is expected to increase in 10 and nothing in any period of human history under the 50 2000 once a year period does not increase, 1 Ali Rıza Ersoy continued his speech with striking rhetoric as the data produced for the first time in 365 were equalized to the data produced throughout the human history. Today in Germany 24 1000 25 working hours in a factory that makes different products XNUMX. Human contribution is only% XNUMX. The functions of human resources, sales, marketing and accounting that we have not yet transferred to machines and robots. The whole production line is unmanned. The error rate is almost zero. They can do this by pulling the muscle out of the system and thus the system is perfecting. Bunu

Industry is also our country and the establishment of the necessary platform on 4.0 speech Ersoy said that the determination of the road map by drawing attention to this issue deals with Turkey's Industry 4.0 concluded. Donatılmış The factories of the future will now be fully equipped with robots. We will be managing these factories from tablets. The strength of the arm will be replaced by brain power. The system wants the brain, the most precious part of the human arm. She wants the reading, wisdom, wisdom, predictive ability, team building, problem-solving ability, engineering and programming skills of a person. There are no universities in our neighboring countries as well as the universities and their teachers, as well as the operators and engineers they have trained. None of them has a fully integrated economy in the western economy. None of them have entrepreneurs who are in pursuit of work in the non-hatched forests of Africa. There is an opportunity to be the production power of the future in Eurasia. Industry will do 4.0 if it does. By using 4.0, you have a great chance of bringing our country from the status of developing countries to the status of developed countries. This issue that started with the threat is a huge opportunity for us. If Industry 4.0 is being discussed in our country, it is because we see the wave coming from the bottom Eğer

At the end of the training seminar, our company's board member H. Çağrı Güleç and company coordinators presented Ali Rıza Ersoy with a table set consisting of Kardemir products.

The training seminars at Kardemir will continue in different current topics.

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