Turkey's First Aircraft Factory Kayseri Teyyare Factory

The first aircraft factory turkiyenin airplane factory kayseri
The first aircraft factory turkiyenin airplane factory kayseri

Young passed the first years of the Republic of Turkey to the industrial and manufacturing organizations attack. One of the most important of these investments, the Kayseri Aircraft Factory produced 1950 aircraft until 130.

A state newly emerged from war, a nation reborn from its ashes. While many parts of the country were woven with iron nets, many factories were opened. One of the most important of these facilities was the Kayseri Aircraft Factory.

The First World War and the War of Independence proved that the planes were effective and vital. Young quickly turned to aircraft production in the Republic of Turkey after the war. He knew that İstikbal was in the heavens.

Founder of Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, therefore attaches great importance to the opening of the aircraft factory. A new dimension of cooperation with Germany, which was established before the First World War, has been revived. Turkey's ambassador to Berlin, Kemaleddin connection with the German Junkers company was founded Sami Bey and German Junkers company through the basics of providing TOMTAŞ factory in Kayseri in agreement with 1926 was discarded.

Junkers pledged to complete the plant in two stages. Hangars and facilities were installed, an aircraft prototype file was prepared. The first phase of the construction works was completed on the promised date.

The factory was built in the conditions of that time, in impossibilities. At that time there was neither electricity nor railway in Kayseri. The materials needed for the factory were transported from Izmir to Izmir by sea, then to Ulukışla by train, and then to Kayseri by camel and lambs.

Everything was ready. German engineers 5, 120 and 240 German workers began producing Turkey's first aircraft to Turkish workers.

The factory also contributed to the growth of hundreds of Turkish young people in the field of aviation. More than 100 aircraft were produced in various types and brands at the Kayseri Aircraft Factory until the end of the Second World War.

However, Marshall Aid and Turkey's NATO membership, brought the last of the Kayseri Aircraft Factory. According to the Allies it was no longer necessary to produce aircraft in Turkey. Facilities in Kayseri were converted into air supply and maintenance facilities.

Turkey, which emerged after the war bipolar world took place alongside the United States. Marshall had to stop dealing with aircraft production with the help of his military equipment and tools.

Turkey's experience on the production aircraft were also wasted a snap. alıştırılıp comfortable to move away from production in Turkey, the inability to keep alive the aircraft factory in Kayseri, the Turkish aviation history has passed such a great loss.

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