Süreyya Güneş Kindergarten Traffic Lessons

Sureyya Gunes Kindergarten students
Sureyya Gunes Kindergarten students

The Metropolitan Municipality of Kahramanmaraş Traffic Management Center was visited by small visitors.

The Traffic Management Center, which is in the service of Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, was visited by Süreyya Güneş Kindergarten students.

Yusuf Deliktaş, Head of Transportation Services Department, told about the traffic flow in our city by giving information about the operation of Traffic Management Center.

Then, Deliktaş, Head of Department, told the tiny visitors to the Public Transport Management Center that they provide information about the working systems of the public transportation vehicles and controls, and that the public transportation vehicles are monitored.

They were very satisfied with the traffic training they received and thanked the Department of Transportation Services Director Yusuf Deliktaş.

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